Can you loose weight fast by only drinking all day?

I mean like no foods for a while…only green tea, protien drinks and water…will that make me loose weight faster with some excersize? i dont really care if its unhealthy…so dont lecture me! thanks bye!

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5 Responses to “Can you loose weight fast by only drinking all day?”

  1. dgfsggswzvgdfhg said:

    You may it depends on how skinny/fat u are i mean if u did it for like 2 months it might work. I dont really know.

  2. Chris said:

    No. It will not work at all, and here is why (not complicated, just read):

    If you do not eat for a day or two like that, your body will think that you are starving, so when you start to eat again, it will just store even more fat then before because it thinks that you might not find food for a long time.

  3. trackislife said:

    no. well heres an examle of why. my grandpa was overweight, and was in the hospital for a while. he lost about 20 pounds and all that was fluids, so no, really its not going to help you at all and you’ll be sooo tired. believe me! been there done that. not worth it. drinking a lot of fluids is not a bad thing, but make sure your also eating carbs for energy

  4. Questionthestupid said:

    Well it could….only you would gain it all back in the end if you dont start a vegitarian or almost vegitarian diet with PLENTY of exersize.I find that dancing(sexy,hott dancing) works best for girls. : )

    Good luck.

  5. NekoC said:

    I guess it would work but it’s not long term.
    The reason for this is because your body will think that you are starving because of lack of nutrients (no protein or nutrition drink can substitute for “real food”) and once you do start eating solid food again, your body will start to store it as fat and your metabolism will also probably slow down, contributing to your body’s fat storage.
    So just drinking nutrition drinks will work against you.

    I would try at least a little bit of exercise into your schedule and instead of limiting yourself to one kind of food source, lessen how much you eat. This will keep your metabolism running at a good pace to burn off calories and at least you’ll be getting some nutrition to keep your bones healthy.


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