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Can too much lettuce be causing me to gain weight?

My daily diet (mon-sun) consists of the following:
non fat latte in the morning
protein bar (ranging from 170-300 calories, depends on the bar)
baby carrots or apple for a snack
spinach with grilled veggies with balsamic and olive oil for dressing.
cup of hot green tea at night (no milk).

once a week i add a piece of fish in my diet for dinner.

I feel as if im not as thin as i would like. its very hard for me to exercise. i work a crazy schedule monday – friday.on Saturday and Sundays i go bike riding or walking. Any tips on how to loose some more weight quickly? could the salad be bloating me?

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7 Responses to “Can too much lettuce be causing me to gain weight?”

  1. S&S M said :

    No lettuce is not fattening at all.maybe your putting too much dressing on it.

  2. Jessica said :

    It’s not the lettuce, that’s good. Take out all the dressings, and you’ll cut out 150+ calories a day.

  3. Alice said :

    You are not eating enough,so your body is holding onto what fat it can to survive.

  4. Dylan Tee said :

    Unless it’s water weight i don’t think so. Lettuce is about 99% water.

  5. havik said :

    Lettuce is not capable of storing and adding weight to someone because it doesn’t contains any fatty substance or calories.

    You lose wait base on two things.

    1. Burn Fat (whether by exercising, or sweating somehow)
    2. Calorie Intake

    If your calorie intake has been stagnant (the same), then your weight will not lower. For example: lets say you weighed 125lbs and your calorie intake is 2500, well if you consistently eat a 2500 calorie-a-day diet, your maximum weight loss is already attained. The only thing you can do to lose more weight is to try and workout somehow, because your already eating healthy.

  6. June 28/10, its a boy! said :

    you aren’t eating enough…no protein other than once a week, you are starving your body and anything you eat your body holds on to. You need to balance your diet out or you aren’t going to lose weight, sorry to burst your bubble

    there is no quick way to lose weight…the quicker you lose it the quicker you can gain it back

  7. Brianna said :

    1. Lettuce Definitely Isn’t making you gain weight.
    2. You cant consume The same amount of calories a day. You need to switch it up all the time.
    3. You need protein. Eggs Whites is good protein and only about 15 calories.
    The Main thing is your calorie intake is the same mon-fri. Drink lots of water.


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