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Can anyone tell me a way to lose some fat around my waist?

I am generally thin, but there seems to be formed a kind of tiny ‘airbag’ around my waist and lower abs. Is there a trustworthy diet I should follow in order to get back to normal?

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2 Responses to “Can anyone tell me a way to lose some fat around my waist?”

  1. glockthreefiftyseven said :

    Reduce some calories, and run. Any cardio will work, get up to max heart rate and keep it there for a half hour 3-4 times a week.

  2. living good bruce said :

    If you are trying to lose weight then you have got two options. You can try eating less and/or exercise more. Or the second solution… Cheat, keep reading to find out precisely how!

    If you decide you are planning to lose weight by consuming less then you will need to reduce your current calorie intake. Calorie consumption for an average person is around 2,000 a day (female) and 2,500 a day (male).

    When you would like to lose weight then it is usually suggested that you cut calories by around 500 each day. This should be more than enough for gradual weight loss if you have a well balanced diet and are getting some physical exercise.

    When it comes to exercise, cardio is your best option for losing weight. This can help you to burn even more calories which in turn can help you lose extra weight.

    It is not advised to choose exercise which will build a lot of muscle (like weight training) if your goal is to lose weight. The very simple explanation is because muscle weighs even more than body fat. So although weight training may help to make you more healthy, and also more slim, people are often discouraged if they look at the scale and realise that they have not lost any weight.

    Here are some examples of physical exercises to lose weight along with how many calories you will burn off in a 30 minute session. These are figures for a 150-pound person and could vary based on your body weight.

    1. Running five mph: 270 calories
    2. Swimming: 270 calories
    3. Cutting the grass using a push mower: 200 calories
    4. Stationary bicycle: 238 calories
    5. Step aerobics: 340 calories
    6. Walking 4 mph: 170 calories

    That was the harder of the 2 options If you want to take the easy route then I suggest you take a look at this:


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