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Any tips on how to fit exercise around a hectic lifestyle ?

I work 4 days a week – go uni on a friday – do homework most nights – take on the occasional private job and of course I want to see my friends and my man – I’m just a little worried that my mainly stationary lifestyle is becoming detremental to my health – any tips on starting to get fit ?

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28 Responses to “Any tips on how to fit exercise around a hectic lifestyle ?”

  1. mr_think_e_knowsall said :

    I combine fitness with commuting to work. Walking lots (i mean a few miles a day) is usually adequate exercise to keep fit. What about using a bike to go to work?

  2. truelylo said :

    try to do like 10 minutes at a time of exercise to get your heart rate up, apparently if you do 3 lots of that a day, that should be enough to keep your body fit and healthy.

    Hope it works for you. x x

  3. Ya-sai said :

    Walking, it’s the best form of exercise, doesn’t cost you any money yet saves you some. Leave home a little earlier and walk 20mins. If you drive, park your car at the stop before yours and walk the rest of the way. Use the stairs, just walk everywhere

  4. vikingprincess1955 said :

    Park back aways when going to work or school. It might not be much ,but walking into work or school is some exercize. if you are sitting down at work do leg exercizes this in your seat. Hope this helps.

  5. reeve said :

    Eat healthy.

    Sleep a good amount of hours.

    If you can’t find time to go to the Gym. Stay at home for 30minutes, bend, stretch, sit ups, push ups, run on the spot, etc.

    There are alot of ways to stay fit in the such little time.

    Just Do It.

  6. porkchophaynes0206 said :

    Yes first remember that your health is all you really have.I have recently started to regularly work out.First and foremost you must alot the time needed to work out.This should be done no matter what.If you set your mind to it I promise you will find time.We tend to make excuses for ourselves and it really only hurts us.One body thats all we get so take care of it.

  7. Just enquiring said :

    You have poor time management skills. Please make time for yourself as you have only one chance in life. Prioritise the things and give up the detrimental things like going to club, parties. If you have time to sit in front of the computer asking questions, you could have gone to the gym. Try Sunday afternoon after lunch.

  8. std said :

    Try jogging, or doing situps or pushups first thing in the morning before you shower. If you do this, though, make sure you eat a small breakfast (fruits) to get some carbohydrates in you!

    Other suggestions are to try to work an hour three days a week if you can. Even if you can only get half an hour, it’s worth keeping your body active. For time constraints, jogging is probably the best. You could also try swimming if you can find some place to squeeze it in.

    One of the biggest difficulties will be to convince yourself that you have time – trust me, you do have time. We do so much everyday that we feel like there’s no room for anything else, but if you try and just set aside one hour a day, you’ll find that you can put it in pretty easily, especially given your schedule.

  9. Paul M said :

    Walk or bike to work, its cheaper as well. will get to work on time to also. cant think of anything else, you may just need to find an extra hour in the day to go for a run or join a Yoga class. Good luck

  10. Bailey said :

    I know it’s kind of intimidating finding out the right work out and the right time. Cardio is number one and weights come second. If you don’t have time for both, that’s okay, at the very least always do cardio. Try to do 20-30 min of cardio 4 days a week or 5 or 6 if you want too. Dietians recommend at least 3 days a week. And that keeps you a little healthy, but for better results I’d say at least 4. Try jogging, elliptical machines (great for the knees and joints), fast-pace walking, or anything that raises your heart rate. Good luck. So you only need an hour out of your day if you can manage. 20-30 min for the work out and the other 30 to change in and out and strectch of course! And your diet is just as essential. You don’t have to go cold turkey and take away everything that tastes great, just eat healthier. I think the number one disease among Americans is heart disease, i’m almost positive it is. That is due to improper dieting. You’ll do great! Just think positively and don’t get frustrated. Results come with time, patience, and most of all dedication. 🙂

  11. Nottingham man said :

    get up early, i go to the gym for 6.45 in the morning and you only really need 30 minutes a day. try walking to work, or even if thats too far get off the bus 2 stops before your usual, walk a little and I am SURE your bf has SOME idea of things that could keep you healthy!!!

  12. sophieb said :

    if you walk from your car to work, or walk to the bus, or park your car far enough from the grocery store to get some walking in, or walk to the stores from your car and then walk around the mall when you pick up supplies and clothing, or if you’re having sex, that’s all good exercise. Also if you’re bending and reaching to put the clothes in the washer and dryer you’re getting exercise. Or if you have a job that you’re up and down (sitting and standing) or standing a lot or walking some stairs, or walking the steps instead of the elevator, that’s exercise as well. I don’t like to exercise anymore and so I exercise while I’m doing something else and make sure my mind is on the something else rather than on the exercising. Plus I exercise in the dark right before bed time.

  13. absinthic said :

    best thing for a stationary lifestyle:
    People burn more calories standing than sitting.

    At a young age I took up fidgeting. Yep I actually forced myself into the habit, having heard of the extra calories it burns. Now, it’s a very unconscious habit.

    Fidget when you stand and you’ll burn an extra 70-100 cals an hour. They add up!

    You could also take up DDR with your guy. Its a little silly at first, but once the both of you start playing, there’s no going back!

  14. nosey neighbour in essex said :

    I would walk to and from the station that helps

  15. Alex said :

    Ditto to all the previous answers.

    I too lead a busy life, but I just get out of bed an hour earlier each morning to go for a run.
    It’s not easy at first, and there are many times when I am tempted to stay in bed, but once I’m up and dressed I’m OK.

    It only take 21 days to make or break a habit – force yourself out of bed earlier, and gradually it will get easier.

  16. lofty550 said :

    cycle or walk to work.

  17. joteropr said :

    Walking is good to start, use stairs for your legs and in the last step if no one is watching make 10 raise up in your tiptoes. If you have to get a paper in the bottom drawer do not bend your back, get down straight and pressing your stomach on the way down and on the way up this will help your abbs. Drink a lot of water. If you are abble to, make your own cooking to go for lunch, avoid fast foods.

  18. kittykat said :

    Mine was so i gave up work!!! Have loads of time now to swim and cycle,walk and for my man. Alternatively combine work and fitness eg get a job that involves walking be a postie or a fitness instructor.

  19. arizonaprincess2 said :

    do your excersizes whenever you watch tv, or get your man to work out with you

  20. yums said :

    read tips on weight loss and some great exercise programs on this site

  21. Andrea F said :

    I love going to Curves – it’s a women-only gym that has resistance machines in a circuit. You do the circuit for 30 minutes 3 times per week, and they always have music playing. They are open early (most of them 6 AM) and stay open late (most to 7 PM). I never really liked exercising except for swimming…but I’ve been going to Curves now for 5 years! When I started, I basically just did the motions because I was really out of shape – the staff is always very supportive and they don’t push you, but help you learn the right ways to use the machines and always give you encouragement. As you go along, you work out as hard as you want to push yourself – at my Curves, there are 80 year old women doing the same circuit as 20 year old women, and every age in between. It’s nice too because no-one is judgmental – there are different weights, ages and ethnicities, and some women are chatty, others stay focused, but all coming together for the same purpose and support one another. I highly recommend you check out your local one, at least for the free tour!

  22. e_dulwich said :

    Time table absolutely everything you do for a week, i.e. Work, Uni, Family, Friends, Boyfriend, shopping, etc, etc. See where that gets you?

  23. Momma Knows said :

    If there was ever a fountain of youth for health and vitality, exercise would be it. There are so many health benefits to exercise, it would be impossible to list them all. However, research has shown that exercise performed on a regular basis decreases the risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, breast cancer and high cholesterol.

    Furthermore, exercise helps to keep our bones strong well into our senior years and helps to strengthen our hearts and lungs. Additionally, regular exercise eases stress and depression and facilitates sleep and relaxation.

    For these reasons, no matter how old you are you should include some form of exercise in your daily life. Physical activity doesn’t have to come in the form of a subscription to a fitness club or buying expensive exercise equipment. Instead, you should try to incorporate some sort of physical activities that are a natural part of your daily routine.

    The following are some suggestions of ways that you can naturally incorporate physical activates into your daily life:

    1) Do some sort of exercise while you watch television. Yoga, strength training or aerobics are all good. Also using small hand weights or walking on a treadmill is something you can do while watching television.

    2) Implement a walk with your family after dinner.

    3) Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.

    4) Take up gardening or another type of outdoor hobby.

    5) Play with children! If you don’t have any of your own, find a niece or a nephew – you can set aside a regular day for taking them out for some fun activities.

    6) Park your car away from where you need to go and then walk to your destination.

    7) Get off the bus or a taxi early and walk the rest of the way to your destination.

    6) Keep a pair of athletic shoes in your office and your car. This way you’ll always be ready for some activity.

    7) If you need to take care of errands such as going to the bank or post office, walk instead of driving or taking the bus or taxi.

    8) Find a sport that you like and play it with friends, family or neighbors.

    9) Play with your pets. Playing with your pets such as dogs or cats is great fun for them and a fun way for you to get some physical activity.

    10) Wash your own car. Instead of taking your car to the car wash or paying someone to do it for you, get up early one day out of the weekend and wash it yourself. It will definitely give you a workout!

    11) Mow your own lawn. And if you don’t have a yard, volunteer to do it for someone in your neighborhood, such as mowing the lawn of an elderly or disabled person.

    12) Take up a team sport such as basketball, soccer or football. Research shows that team sports have additional health benefits that playing a sport by yourself does not have.

    13) If you work on the computer a lot, instead of sitting on a chair, sit on a stability ball. Over time, it can help to strengthen your body core and improve your balance and posture – all of which tend to decline as we age.

    14) Learn a new activity such as swimming or riding a bicycle.

    While it is important to include natural forms of physical activities in your daily routine such as the ones mentioned here, be sure to also schedule in planned exercise workouts as well. Planned workouts may include visits to your local gym or community center twice or three times per week, or it may be exercises that you can do at home or outside such as strength training, jogging or aerobic exercise.
    If you are serious about getting a fitter, trimmer you, visit Patricia’s site at where you will find the latest Weight Loss & Fitness information and products

  24. patch said :

    I have two rescue Greyhounds, who, contrary to what many believe, don’t need too much exercise. However, I walk them daily and when I have the time I take them into the countryside and they love it, they run around the open fields and through the woods. Then by the time I walk home with them, they sleep the rest of the day. But a good 20 – 30 minutes is really good for them and yourself.

    I recommend Rescue dogs, but what would suit you is a Greyhound because they are very easy to look after if you have a busy schedule, also, you’re actually doing something rewarding, by saving their lives. No doubt you know what happens to them once they have finished running. They also are very docile, great with children, and give you a lot of love in return, just for a little TLC.

  25. Tyril said :

    Make time, thats the most important thing. Pencil it into your schedule.

  26. fenlandfowl said :

    yes, every evening hold a couple of big bottles of water, one in each hand, and run up and down the stairs 5 times non stop.

  27. acacia said :

    walk fast at all time during your work.

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