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Why is my metabolism DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Hi all. I have been trying to loose weight my entire summer and have not been very successful. I have gone from gross over eating at night to completely controlling my diet. I am a 6 ft tall male and weigh about 250 lbs, with a very big build. If I could reach anything under 200 i would be ecstatic. For about 2 months now me and my brother have been consistently working out doing cardio either on the eliptical or treadmill for no less than thirty minutes at the gym about five times a week. We also do weights and resistance exercises after the run. I have only started really controlling my diet for about 2 weeks now. I used one of those calorie gadgets and it says that if I eat under 1500 calories I will start to notice differences and shed the weight. I have been eating around 1100 and some days under 1000 for about 2 weeks now. I know eating that little isn’t probably the healthiest thing but I’m making sure im not shaking or dying or anything. I mostly eat lean cuisines and very small portions of my family’s dinner. I’ve read online that bodies take time to change but I’m just flabbergasted with my body. After two weeks now you would expect I’m loosing weight but nothings happening and I want food like all the time. For someone as big as me everyones told me if I just started moving the weight would shed off me and especially seeing how much weight the people on shows like the biggest loser loose and so quickly. I will not quit my exercising and food watching but wanted to know if it’s normal and maybe my body just needs time to adjust. Thank you all so much for reading this post and I hope it wasn’t too long or confusing. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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3 Responses to “Why is my metabolism DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!?”

  1. j00r said :

    Many people run into this problem. If the body feels like it’s not getting enough calories, coupled with the fact that you’re hitting the gym so often, then it’ll go into starvation mode.

    Basically, you’re taking away more than you’re putting into it too quickly. The body slows down its metabolism so that it’s harder for your body to lose fat and thus, the calories.

    I would stick with the 1500 calories, and you’ll probably start seeing much better results. If you’re worried about the calories, start eating things with almost no fat, but a decent amount of carbs. With as much working out as you’re doing, you’ll burn the carbs up fairly quickly, so it won’t pack on as weight. However, you’ll be eating enough to keep your metabolism at a healthy (and much less frustrating) rate.

  2. Anonymous said :

    First off lean cuisine might be low in calorie count but it does nothing for you nutritionally. 2nd having such a low calorie intake a day will just slower your metabolism down because your literally straving yourself. You should be eating at least 1600-1800 calories a day and that is mostly referred
    to women so really yours should be higher to give you more
    energy. Also look into foods that help boost metabolism such as green tea. When you
    workout do you do any cardio? From what I heard the next hour of an intense work out is prime time to burn off calories. Hope that at least a bit of this helped.

  3. Luba Hodgdon said :

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