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What is the best way to jump start weight loss?

without taking diet pills… would fasting for 3 days be a good idea?
I am looking for a way to kickstart my metabolism so that I can loose poundage quickly.
I need to loose 30 pounds by July 2nd(my anniversary getaway weekend).
How have any of you lost weight?

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7 Responses to “What is the best way to jump start weight loss?”

  1. ѕєχχιι ρσятια ♥ said :

    run a lot, eat salads


  2. ....we мade yoυ ϟ said :

    stop eating out for a while

  3. dekoy316 said :

    Well. Unfortunately there is no easy way out. Eat less and exercise more, if you aren’t ready to commit to a change in lifestyle you will never lose the weight, you will only lose a small fortune on empty promises that are weight loss supplements.

  4. Alyssa said :

    Do not fast because all of the weight you lose you will just gain back. Just eat very healthy and exercise, fruits and veggies are the best.

  5. Jebbie said :

    Oh Geez– “Joel is Bulimic:”

    Bulimia KILLS. It also eats out your insides, rots your teeth and, in the long run, screws up your metabolism so that you actually gain weight, not lose it.

    I know someone who suffered from a detached retina from the continual pressure of self-induced vomiting and WENT BLIND IN ONE EYE.

    I also know people (2) who ruptured their esophaguses and the blood dripped down into their lungs, essentially DROWNING THEM TO DEATH IN THEIR OWN BLOOD.

    As far as weight loss goes, don’t sacrifice your health for what may only be a temporary loss. Eat less, exercise more. On your anniversary, your partner should love you for who you are and not how you look.

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  7. Joshua Wisner said :

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  8. ghaweoaiewao said :

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