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how to make sure I dont bulk up!?

I tend to build muscle pretty quickly, but would like to loose weight and reduce my size.. any tricks? food or excercise wise..

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4 Responses to “how to make sure I dont bulk up!?”

  1. Nick F said :

    heh, i would keep the muscle but try to lose the fat if you have any. muscle’s good cause it wards off rapists. you don’t want to be too weak, do you? anyways, i’d do martial arts it pretty much gets you healthier in almost every way thats what i do and im pretty healthy

  2. Aeorus said :

    honestly, try to stay away from weights in general. lifting freeweights is what “bulks you up”. Instead try resistance training instead, Pull-ups, push-ups, dips, all of which build Lean muscle. That way you stay fit, but not bulky. Obviously you’ll want to run along with this workout, but on your off days. Diet wise, i like to keep my metabolism high, so i eat roughly 7-8 SMALL meals a day, roughly 200 calories, with three “larger” meals as my main breakfast, lunch and dinner, it keeps my metabolism burning and on high, so i have more energy and and burning more calories.

    hope i helped a little =)

  3. mtarcher18 said :

    The first thing to do is focus a lot on ab stuff, crunches etc. If you can go to the gym do it, do low weights but lot’s of reps on the machines, it’ll tone but not build muscle. Also i can’t stress this enough, RUN LOTS OF CARDIO, when you think you’ve totally worn yourself out, run five more minutes. Keep in mind too that even though you’re trying to lose weight you have to keep eating well to keep your metabolism going.

  4. surfnskate7711 said :

    different from what i ever heard….eat less and work with more reps during workouts. but you have what most people would love, to build muscle quickly. lol.


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