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Which snack is best for a fat loss diet?

Which snack option below is best for when you’re on a weight/fat loss diet?

-total raisin bran
-nature valley honey ‘n oats granola bar
-nutri grain blueberry cereal bar
-fat free newtons fig bar
-Sara lee blueberry muffin

so which one is best for a low fat/weight loss diet?

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2 Responses to “Which snack is best for a fat loss diet?”

  1. karate kid said :

    Pig head

  2. RCRM said :

    I’m not a huge fan of any of those TBH!

    Try and aim to get a good quality source of protein and fibre in each of your snacks, as protein is the most thermogenic nutritent (your body burns more calories digesting it than other macronutrients), high protein foods give a greater feeling of satiety (as does fibre) than other food sources and it can also helps maintain and build muscle (if you doing some form of resistance training).

    I would suggest:

    Whey protein shake or bar or beef/turkey jerky or hard boiled eggs or can of tuna or yoghurt + a piece of fruit or vegetable or salad or Larabar or small handful of mixed nuts

    Optimum Whey Protein Powder:
    Cliff Protein Bars:
    Beef Jerky:
    Turkey Jerky:


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