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When do you start to see results for weightloss?

I got these tips from various places on the internet and have been doing them for a week:
Run every morning. I run about 1.8 km in the morning.
Drink a lot of water. I always drink a lot of water, I’ve always loved water so it’s not a problem. I drink about three of those aquafina 1 litre bottles in a weekend day and two in a week day.
Eat small healthy meals throughout the day. I eat special K for breakfast and I don’t eat lunch or supper.
Drink Green Tea- havent yet because I’m not a fan of tea… but if it works I might

when do you start to see any results, I figured with the running and the sit ups I would notice it right away.
I am 140 and 5’5 and I was told that people who are extremely overweight like I am notice fast results at first but I ahven’t yet.

So what can I do? Is the eating small healthy meals and drinking green tea something I should do too? I want to lose 20 pounds by the end of July and so far I haven’t lost even a pound and my clothes still fit the same. I just
noticed my stomach is tighter and my legs feel more muscly and I also feel more energized during the day
and sometimes it feels like my stomach is still burning (in a good way, it feels kind of neat) during the day

is this good?

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3 Responses to “When do you start to see results for weightloss?”

  1. specialk said :

    U have to eat 3 meals a day If ur metabolism isn’t where it should be u wont lose weight, I follow weight watchers and I count points if I don’t come within 2Pt’s of my point system my metabolism isn’t where it should be and I wont lose. Anyway u should see results within 1 week.

  2. DIANA S said :

    Be patient you said your 5’5 140lbs. Your in a good body on the outside already. you want to take it slow, and not deprive yourself to much to fast your metabolism will slow down. At your weight and height, 1lb-11/2. a week is about average. The slower you loose, the longer it stays off. Your doing great, eat lunch, then Small meals. Stop everything except water after 6pm 7-pm. Fiber, we carry around 12-16 lbs of poop, you should going 2 -3 a day. I have products that really help. Spinal disease, and blindness prevents me. YOU CAN DO IT !!

  3. nchedo11 said :

    in da first week my mom is kinda overweight n she lost 4 pounds in 1 week i dont no how she does it


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