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When would people start to notice weightloss?

I’m 5’5 was 122 and am now 114 (still losing more).Due to the switch from vegan to raw food vegan.At around how many pounds will people notice?
It’s not a diet, it’s a change in my lifestyle.

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5 Responses to “When would people start to notice weightloss?”

  1. Geri D said :

    tell me… why are you on a diet? and their is no need to continue to lose more

    people dont notice because you were skinny to begin with

  2. Ash115 said :

    it all depends on your body weight. If you have more body fat it will take longer but if you are just at an average weight you can see results in a week or two, if your sticking to a healthy diet too

  3. Dorothy said :

    about 10-15

  4. Laura D said :

    At 5’5″ you are at a normal weight. Be careful not to lose too much weight because it’s unhealthy.

    When you say “notice” do you mean people to compliment you? I believe that they might say something if they are concerned. You are already light-weight for your height. Also I hope you are eating proteins like beans and supplements if need be (because your statement of being a vegan); don’t completely cut those out of your daily foods.

  5. Lizzie01 said :

    yea, i kinda agree with Geri d, that is not a lot of weight for someone who’s 5’5 especially if you continue to lose more! but i guess if you think it’s right, i don’t think that people will notice so soon. I’m not skinny I’ve never weighed less but people started telling that i had lost weight. i think it’s not so much how much weight you body loses but how you body shape changes when people start noticing.


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