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What’s a good way to lose fat fast?

I’m not concerned about weight, but I have a small gut. I’d really like to lose it now in the winter season, before it comes to summer and swimsuits. I don’t want pills or liposuction, just lifestyle changes I can make to aid what I currently do. This is my current plan:
– Drink more water.
– Walk more.
– Drop all soda and candy from my diet.

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2 Responses to “What’s a good way to lose fat fast?”

  1. candyperfumegirl said :

    cut down processed carbs like white bread, white pasta, white rice.

    don’t eat too soon before bedtime.

    eat smaller portion meals but more frequently instead of 3 large meals a day.

    watch for hidden sugars in fruit juice, dessert, and alcohol.

  2. Roscoe B said :

    Basically a little exercise and a good diet will do the trick for you.

    When you get groceries, look for organic food. Cutting out candies and soda is also a great start. Like stated earlier, stay away from white bread, rice, pasta. Look for whole grain wheat. I personally also don’t drink milk when I want to slim down. It makes my stomach appear flabby, but that may not be your case. Oatmeal, eggs, vegetables, chicken, sweet potatoes are all great for you as well as fruit.

    For getting rid of that gut specifically, the best results I have seen when I cut weight is to wake up in the morning and go run a few miles and then do various sit ups and crunches before I eat breakfast. Over night you don’t eat so your body is starving for energy and nutrition in the morning. It makes for the best time to burn fat. Good luck.


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