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What would be the most likely cause of death for a perfectly healthy human being?

It is common knowledge that a lot of natural causes are caused by heart disease. But for a perfectly healthy person, what would be the cause of death?

Organ failure? General failure of the immune system?

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15 Responses to “What would be the most likely cause of death for a perfectly healthy human being?”

  1. sassy24 said :

    Spontaneous combustion.

  2. Philip H ™ said :

    brain aneurysm

  3. Super ★ said :

    getting shot

  4. Nice guy said :

    An accident resulting in massive trauma.

  5. vr_cerbera said :

    when you get old, all your organs deteriorate. So it depends which organ was worked the hardest. Usually it’s the heart, but maybe liver or kidney too!

    Vehicle accidents are otherwise the most common death I think.

  6. woojamaflip1 said :

    being crushed by a 16 ton weight.

  7. hecla 1 said :

    there is no likely cause of death in a healthy human being, not an adult anyway, that is why autopsies are performed. In infants it is called SIDS when a perfectly healthy infant dies for no apparent reason.

  8. Angela Q said :

    People don’t just die. There is always a reason, although it may be unclear until there is an autopsy.

    Generally speaking, when an apparently healthy person appears to just die, either there was some underlying illness they were unaware of or they died of a drug overdose.

  9. alan m said :

    old age

  10. One Sailors Lady said :

    I guess this is semantics, but if someone has something like organ failure or an immune system problem, they aren’t “Perfectly healthy” at all!! Organs don’t just STOP- something within your body MAKES them quit, or they are weak and cannot keep up with how hard they are pushed. Additionally, the immune system won’t just SHUT OFF. There would be a decline first, making that person not “perfectly healthy”.

    Illness, disease, wear and tear (age), and neglect (starvation, lack of water/nutrients etc) are what kill people (naturally). In all of these, a decline in health will be present first.

    A PERFECTLY healthy person may die in a car accident, or freeze to death if out in the cold, etc. If you mean like the kids that are happily playing basketball and then suddenly keel over, they are always found to have pulmonary weaknesses, aneurysms or diseases (some are found to be on steroids, which will just RAVISH a body).

  11. Dr Frank said :

    If a person is healthy they will generally be alive. The question I suppose might refer to old age, here if there were no specific diseases that patient just dies when the heart stops.

  12. Papaver said :

    S.A.D.S –Sudden Adult Death Syndrome
    Same thing as cot death in a baby.

  13. Atalanta said :

    There is a part of the brain which in some people has a fragile blood vessel. This can break and result in a subarachnoid haemorrhage. The only symptom may be a sudden headache, followed quickly by unconsciousness. Up to half of all sufferers from this sudden emergency will die.
    NOTE: this is more common in older people, and in people who have high blood pressure.
    Don’t worry too much – very few headaches end up in sudden death like this.

  14. cathy0425 said :

    the silent killer…..basically your feeling fine and your healthy and then you just die and no one knows why or how to stop it….its really odd

  15. Peter Stockwell said :

    Probably statistically a road traffic accident.


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