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What would be a good low carb and high protein diet?

I was told I need to go on a low carb high protein diet to lose a couple of extra pounds before i go to meps for military entrance. I just want to know some suggestions for a diet to do. I also will be doing cardio exercises daily as well as some light weightlifting (aiming for high reps more than high max). Thanks for your help

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3 Responses to “What would be a good low carb and high protein diet?”

  1. G said :

    chicken breast, tuna, eggs without the yolk, low carb yogurt, whey protein isolate powder…just to name a few but you need your veggies and fruits too. And for beverages, drink nothing but water if you can. You also want to get plenty of fiber.Eating like that coupled with your exercise and you will lose weight fast, guaranteed. Also it is better to eat 4-6 small meals a day, evenly space rather than 3 big meals because it triggers your metabolism.

  2. WhisperWind said :

    You can try Atkins or South Beach. Atkins is a bit stricter than South Beach, so you’ll lose a bit faster; but some people find that the greater variety offered by South beach earlier on in the program helps them to stick to it. Both diets work, and can become a healthy lifestyle provided you follow all the phases.

  3. Andrea said :

    Nah forget it really, I would suggest training like they will train in the military and you will burn off the extra calories that make up the fat no problem.

    The military trains heavy and hard and is intensive in order to keep up with the training you need to prepare doing so you will also get rid of any excess fat before you go into the military.


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