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How do I alter a low carb/ high protein diet to eliminate casein?

I have Narcolepsy and a low carb/ high protein diet is recommended but I am allergic to casein. It actually makes the symptoms worse. The Atkins, South Beach and Abs diet are all very dairy dependent. Any suggestions?

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2 Responses to “How do I alter a low carb/ high protein diet to eliminate casein?”

  1. jane said :

    I am not sure why you are trying to follow fad diet programs. Casein is found in dairy products; therefore remove these products from your diet. You can get more complete proteins from meat and meat alternatives. If you are worried about the calcium, take a supplement. There are also many rice and/or soy based substitutes for milk and cheese.

  2. Sport Supplements said :

    While I don’t endorse the Atkins diet method, a low-carb/med. healthy fat/high protein diet is generally the best approach for fat loss.

    Alternative protein sources to milk products are: lean pork, lean red meat, whole eggs, egg whites, chicken, white fish, and turkey (I especially like the 98% fat free ground turkey with soy sauce, garlic, and broccoli when dieting).



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