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If I am on the low carb high protein diet is it dangerous to excercise?

I am a little whoozy now am I don’t excercise on the low carb high protein diet and I am afraid that I will faint if I excercise.

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3 Responses to “If I am on the low carb high protein diet is it dangerous to excercise?”

  1. Matt said :

    If you feel “whoozy”, you should stop working out, it is not healthy.
    Carbs are pretty much your energy savers, so yes, it is a bit dangerous to exercise while being on a low carb diet, you just do not have enough energy to do what you want.

  2. Miss Ann Thrope said :

    It’s always good to exercise, but if you have been following the plan for less than two weeks, it’s actually not a good idea. While your metabolism shifts, you will experience flulike symptoms. It’s normal for that to happen.

  3. This Fat Black Chick said :

    I hope that you are consuming at least 20 grams of carbs, most people need at least that. If you are in the first to weeks you may experience induction flu which are flu like symptoms you get as your body comes of the carbs.

    After that exercise is not only safe but encouraged. Also, make sure you are consuming lean meats, taking a low carb diet vitamin, fiber supplement, and are consuming enough fluids.

    After induction you’ll be full of energy, eat less, and your craving will start changing. I’ve lost about 50lbs so far.
    Check out my site below for tips and recipes.


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