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What % or “zone” of your heart rate should you do cardio in to lose fat?

I’m confused of whether it is exercise/ do cardio in you “fat burning zone” to burn actual body fat -or- do it in your “anerobic zone” to burn more calories. My goal is to lose body FAT not really weight. I wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds 🙂 but really I want to lose body fat. So WHICH ZONE should I do my cardio in? Thank you!! 🙂

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2 Responses to “What % or “zone” of your heart rate should you do cardio in to lose fat?”

  1. ZEARUM PARTY! said :

    Ignore the spam. Anyways.

    For a rough idea of how high your maximum heart rate is, subtract your age from 220. So if you’re 15 your max heart rate would be about 205 beats per minute.

    Anything above 55% is good for burning calories and strengthening the heart. The longer you can sustain an exercise the more calories you’ll burn, so sprinting as fast as you can will burn calories at a high rate but won’t really add up to much because you can only do that for a tiny amount of time. So try to keep it above 55% at least, but low enough that you can maintain the exercise for an extended amount of time. There’s no ideal zone really, as far as fat loss goes what matters is the calories burned.

  2. Dave E said :

    The fat burning zone is a myth- go slow you burn more fat but fewer total calories. Ideally you want to do a mixture of low, moderate, and high intensity exercise. You burn more fat and calories doing very high intensity workouts (i.e. spinning), however it’s difficult to maintain that level day after day, so you do moderate activity most of the time. Go long (60 minutes or longer) one day a week to increase fat burning activity within your muscles, and hard once or twice. And don’t forget the diet side of the equation! Oh yea, strength training also helps maintain muscle during fat loss.


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