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What is the best way to lose weight quick (not using drugs) ?

Want to lose as much weight as possible, as quick as possible , what is the best combination between eating and exercise that the world can recomend ?

Help us out by adding your answer below …

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15 Responses to “What is the best way to lose weight quick (not using drugs) ?”

  1. mer said :


  2. Chiquitita88 said :

    pillates & healthy food

  3. ravenna_wing1 said :

    Not safe. Weight loss takes time. To lose it right: Low volume of food, mid-caloric value: high in protein, lots of aerobic and fat-burning exercise: 4 times a week, about an hour a day.

    Good luck. Be safe. Be healthy.

  4. chicotylerkatie said :

    I have been dieting all my life and never had a wieght problem but I easily could since I dream of just eating alot of fattening foods, but what I do is let myself get really hungry holding off with water then have a big salad to get full do that for one week and notice about 5 pds a week

  5. chadge82 said :

    drink more water. its a natural dieretic.Also trying walking 2 or 3 times a week. even if its around the block. Try walking short distance until you can do that in ur sleep then increase your distance a little bit every time.

  6. treasure60504 said :

    Eat lots and lots of negative calorie fruits and vegetables like spinach, carrots, and apples. It take the body more energy to burn them and you lose weight quickly

  7. Muggles said :

    all weight loss regimens and i don’t care which one you pick it all boils down to this increase exercise output, decrease caloric intake = loss of weight. People has a great article this month of five people who lost over a hundred pounds without surgery. It’s worth a read.

  8. [email protected] said :

    The Cabbage Soup Diet

  9. cherry-o said :

    I say get the book “A Week in the Zone” or go to This diet works and you eat normal foods. It combines protein, carbs, and fat (using the block method). Exercise at least 30 minutes a day if you can. More is better but do the best you can.

  10. Brandysmom said :

    I understand Susan Summers wrote a book that talked about “food combining.” Excellent method!

    Staying away from the carbs (rice, wheat, potatoes) eating protein and a lot a vegetables and 3 pieces of fruit a day along with a bit of exercises and 8 glasses of water, will make you lose wait pretty fast.

  11. Alexandria said :

    all ican recomend is a good ol strict diet and exercise regimen

  12. k r said :

    You cant do it fast. You have to do it right. Burn off more calories thatn you take in and the weight will come off. There is a juice out there that people have used with success. It is used as a meal replacement and has lots of other benefits (like antioxidents to help prevent cancer so once you are ligher you wont get sick). It works on the whole system as a equalizer, modifying light people so they gain, and heavy people to loose. But it is only one aspect. You have to get moving!

  13. clovicat said :

    Hack off a limb. Other than that, you will probably actually have to take an active role and change your lifestyle!

  14. Erdelac said :

    Total weightloss means being VERY active!

    Confidence is key, weightloss is hard, but worth it for your health, its the most valuable thing you have… protect it and defend it!

    Get outside and be active, run, walk, rollerblade, bike, SWIM, get some small weights, a workout DVD, push ups and sit ups every morning and night

    Get into a routine, like when you get ready for bed, brush your teeth and do some squats, comb your hair and do sit ups, practice your school work and do psuh ups reciting the scientific elements…

    Reward your self !
    dont punish… run a block drink some juice, ride your bike, eat an apple

    As for your stomach…
    Abs are made in the kitchen!
    Choose the foods you put in your mouth carefully…
    eat whole foods, veggies, fruits, grains, dairy, meat, and take vitamins
    prepackaged processed foods have too much sugar salt fat and carbs in them forget diets, fads, and pills


  15. Rayshana J said :

    I’m not trying to be fresh or nasty,but the easiest way to loose weight without drugs is simple. Just have sex a few times.


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