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What is a reasonable goal for a friendly body-fat loss competition between me and my boyfriend?

I am 28yrs., 5 ft. 8 in., 150 lbs, with 22%-24% body fat depending on the calculator used. My boyfriend is 27yrs., 5 ft. 11 in., 170 lbs with 24-30% body fat depending on calculator. We’d like to start exercising (we were both very athletic in high school and I also in college) but we have been pretty inactive for 3 years now.

I’d love for an expert to tell me what would be a reasonable goal to set for body fat loss if we commit to exercising 3-4x per week 30-45 min. each time for 4 to 6 weeks (no diet modifications yet, just exercise). I know guys burn it off faster than girls, so I would like to know what would be a fair, comparable loss for each of us. That way we can see who really “won” and have some fun with it.

Thanks so much for your help!

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4 Responses to “What is a reasonable goal for a friendly body-fat loss competition between me and my boyfriend?”

  1. trainer53 said :

    It really isn’t a good idea to compete with a guy, because he’ll win! The reason? He has more muscle mass which burns lots more fat than we do. Compete with another woman, so this way it will be a equal competition.

  2. sixnutfury said :

    what happened to women can do whatever men can do? all that women and men are equal stuff? why do you get a handicap? fair is fair. you wont lose much fat anyway with just exercise. if you worked out 10 hours a day , you would lose less than someone who didnt work out and had a solid diet. once you learn how your body works. now i can lose 5 pounds a week while eating 3500 calories a day and no exercise. you should start your diet first then start working out. get your body primed for exercise.

  3. Terri B said :

    Well, the first thing you can do is have a professional body fat test as those online calculators are very inaccurate.

    And to lower body fat, it is a case of strength training as well as cardio and a high protein diet.

    A good place to aim if you want to look really lean without looking ripped would be 18%-22% for a female and 10%-14% for a male. If you want that six pack, then 16%-18% for a female and 8%-10% for a male.

  4. Calvin R said :

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