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What diet/fitness plan should i stick with to lose my tummy/muffin top in a month?

I am 14 so i’m not planning buying some diet books or fitness videos.
I am very busy but I can certaily take some cycling/yoga/pilates classes if this will help.
I’m not planning on looking perfect in one month… just better.
I am 5’2 and have no hips so its important to make my waist and abdonimal thinner and i hope to lose 5 pounds doing it.

I will pick a best answer…
Thank you!

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5 Responses to “What diet/fitness plan should i stick with to lose my tummy/muffin top in a month?”

  1. Kelly said:

    if you are a really busy person, the best way to do this is to watch what you are eating and do a lot of crunches when you have a few minutes of your spare time. It may seem like not a lot but it does really work.

  2. Angela said:

    i heard oatmeal is supposed to be good to lose bellyfat with.. Check out for some low carb low fat items to help you along with your diet.

  3. L said:

    The following is a “program” I recommended for two of my friends- both of whom are very busy college students who work, go to school, and actually have a life.

    -3-4 Days Cardio (Start Small and be sure to work your way up. It should and WILL get easier, but this does not mean you should stop here).

    Try jogging, cycling, erging (row machine) or stairmaster for atleast 20 minutes 3 days a week. Try to go longer towards the end of the week. Make sure you are training at atleast 60% of your heart rate (which is roughly 140 beats per minute for you). This way, you will train your heart and become stronger (which is very important for long term health).

    2 or 3 Days a week, do weights or calisthenics *(pushups, situps, crunches, dips, etc). If you have access to a gym I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GETTING A MEMBERSHIP. Gyms are great motivators, air conditioned, and there are tons of machines to use to keep you away from the monotony of same-old same-old. They usually have family plans available.

    *note: you should FAIL by the end of your work out. Physically, it should be impossible to do another rep by the time you are finished. You should feel pain- good pain, that is. As you get stronger, add more weight and/or more reps.

    -Fact: Weight training DOES NOT make you bulky, unless you are a man or taking testosterone supplements. DO NOT be afraid to use the “manly” weights. I have been weight training a year. I leg press 410 pounds, and my legs are lean, not huge.

    -Fact: Weight training builds muscle which essentially “eats” away fat. Your metabolism will also be significantly raised long after you finish your session. Be sure to include weights; cardio alone is not enough, and many women make this mistake.

    -Fact: There is no such thing as spot reduction. I.E., you can not do a 1000 crunches a night and expect a flat stomach. You can not do pushups and expect toned arms. You become “toned” by working away fat from your body through healthy exercise and diet.

    Diet: Not a “diet,” but, diet. Diet is a lifestyle, not a two week thing. Top suggestions include:

    Eat mostly whole grains: whole wheat, oatmeal, brownrice, whole wheat pasta, etc (check the label. STAY AWAY FROM ENRICHED OR BLEACHED FLOUR- this is empty calories with no nutrition).

    Stay away from refined sugars: That means, stay away from soda, candy, cake and icecream. Don’t deprive yourself, but do not eat these things every day. Try having desert once or twice a week. After a week or two, your cravings will naturally subside.

    EAT BREAKFAST- Fruit, eggs, whole wheat toast, oatmeal all make great morning foods. Breakfast actually boosts your metabolism for the day.

    -A lot of info, and there is more out there. Good luck

  4. Special K said:

    The government recommends the My pyramid long haul approach. This will not help you lose weight super fast, but It will help you lose weight safely, where as other diets may end up harming you. They say you can lose only 2-5 lbs per month. (well, that’s what my mom says…) Anyway, the My Pyramid will give you a tailored food pyramid that you can stick to. This isn’t so much as a lose weight quick thing, but it is a stay healthy and lose wieght (thingy) which is probably best for people our age. (I’m 13) 🙂

    Also, it recommends excersize, so you can still work out if you want.

  5. Big B said:

    Hey there! diet and nutrition are going to be quite huge for you, if you don’t have a ton of time for the gym/working out. Although, allowing adequate time for both would be super ideal.

    I think the best way to shave off body-fat is intervals. You can learn about them here:

    You could also check out jump roping. It’s also a super solid, and fun way to crank up the intensity, and lose weight. There’s an article about it here:

    Anyways, with a little persistence, you’ll go so far! Just stay consistent and keep with it! Best of luck!


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