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HOW can i lose FAT/WEIGHT fast??????????

im 33 years old have been following a low g.1 diet dont have many carbs after lunch and do the treadmill daily. have been doing this for one month and lost nothing:( im careful with sugar and follow low fat too-i am very close to my ideal weight

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12 Responses to “HOW can i lose FAT/WEIGHT fast??????????”

  1. Doris said :

    what is your average daily calorie intake?

  2. ariel s said :

    Try HIIT ( high intensity interval training)

  3. Danielle G said :

    Up your exertion on the treadmill and eat fewer calories. Drink ALOT of water.

  4. michellereducf said :

    weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. eat less, exercise more. its just that simple. everyone loses weight at a different pace. when i lost 20# a few years ago, it seemed like nothing was coming off. then all of a sudden people started to notice and my clothes got looser and looser. it takes 6-8 weeks to start to notice a difference. just keep it up slowly so the weight stays off.

  5. Savitha Suri said :

    Tips to reduce weight,
    please cut down tea or coffee
    take sugar less tea.
    Absolutely say no to sweets and oils.
    Avoid soft drinks.
    Cut down the portion of carbohydrates (bread, potato,chapathi and rice.)
    Include more and more of vegetables and fruits.
    Exercise at least 45 minutes daily.
    You click on the following links to know more weight reducing tips.

  6. SleepingBeauty said :

    well may be you are at your ideal weight now…and the one you think is ideal may not be it!
    But you can experiment with trying to reduce meats and replacing them with veggies as a try and spend you weekends on gardeining or trekking….should help

  7. dddddd d said :

    detox diet is the best diet to loose weight at home without exercising… helps u to lose 5 lbs appox in 2 weeks time by just changing ur eating habbits..
    it is a great website that has many pink color links for detox diets recipes and tips to loose weight…try the pink links and loose weight fast at home without exercising

  8. Health & Fitness Geek said :

    There is no easy, fast way i’m afraid. The best is lots of high intensity cardio exercise (see HIIT as mentioned earlier), and a good healthy diet. Take your time, set weekly goals and don’t starve yourself.

    Copied from source below.

    “1. Calories count!The signal that triggers your body to release adipose from fat cells is an energy deficit… you have to burn more than you eat.

    2. Cut calories conservatively. Starving yourself may cause quick weightloss at first, but never works long term because it actually decreases the activity of fat burning enzymes that release fat from the cells. to avoid this “starvation mode” use exercise to BURN THE FAT, not very low calorie crash diets.

    3. Get control of your weight now. If you are gaining weight, and especially if your weight is climbing upwards out of control, make a decision to STOP RIGHT NOW. Your fat cells might be multiplying, making it more difficult to burn fat in the future. NOW is the time!

    4. If you’ve already lost weight, you must be forever diligent. Your fat cells are not gone, they have merely “shrunk” or “emptied out.” Fitness is not a 12 week program, its a lifestyle. To stay lean you have to eat clean and stay active

    5. Genetics are only a minor factor. You may not have control over how many fat cells you were born with, but you do control the major factors that determine how much fat you store: lifestyle, exercise, nutrition, mental attitude.”

  9. Mary d said :

    Excess weight or obesity is by far the number one health concern in this country. Sixty percent of Americans are either overweight or obese, including over 20 percent of teenagers. All are at risk for serious physical and emotional health problems.

    Over three-quarters of obese adults, for example, suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, diabetes or osteoarthritis. Nearly 40 percent have more than one of these conditions. They are also at risk for stroke and cancer. There are over 300,000 deaths per year from weight related causes.

    Body Mass Index or BMI is a good way to determine if you are carrying too much weight. The BMI is based on your height and weight, but it gives a better estimate than the older ideal body weight tables. Click here to calculate your BMI.

    Although there are many general causes for weight problems, the most responsible self-empowering one is that you’re simply eating too many calories for the amount of energy you’re expending. To control your weight you either have to decrease your calories or increase your exercise or some combination of the two. On and off dieting will not take care of the problem. Maintaining a healthy weight is a matter of day by day conscious control of both the amount and types of foods you eat and the level of physical activity in your life.

    <--Weight Loss-->
    <-- -->

  10. XiaoZhen said :

    Just eat only complex carbs, lean meat, and lots of veggies. It will make your meals low caloried and yet filling and healthy.
    Learn to drink Chinese tea, they can help you lose weight.

    Do brisk walking. They are great for burning body and tummy fats.

    I am on low carb, low fat, high fibre, high protein and a hour brisk walk 5 times a week, and I have lost 31lbs and gain better health. I am now maintaining my 108lbs for more than a year.

    Details such as my experience, types of foods and veggies to eat, healthy low fat snacks, meals, recipes, walking as an exercise and to shape the body etc etc, are in my blog.

  11. Big Jake G said :

    I used to weigh in at 245…now down to 213 three months later and I keep getting better all the time. I’ve been using a program from

    It had a great food guide with a bunch of healthy meal plans, and the workouts are probably the best I’ve ever done. I’ve lost a good portion of my gut.

    You need to focus on full body workouts and eating as clean as possible. It helps to have a cheat day so you don’t feel like your restricting yourself too much. Don’t focus so much on immediate gratification…just good consistent results. Good luck!

  12. Joel r said :

    Amazing Weight Loss!!
    Lose weight fast and effortlessly using the latest technology.
    Its not a diet or a pill. Expect to lose between 10-15 pounds weekly. Must see!!



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