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What can i do with the empty medicine bottles i get from the pharmacies?

I have about 15 empty medicine bottles that i really just don’t want to throw in the garbag, Thus there must be a better way.

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12 Responses to “What can i do with the empty medicine bottles i get from the pharmacies?”

  1. trapperkandoo said :

    put watermellon seeds into sure you have plenty

  2. Boozy said :

    why not?
    Oh you buy “green windex” I bet and think you are saving the enviornment right? LOL

  3. Kelly S said :

    stuff water chesnuts in them

  4. Love Doctor said :

    can use them to put your vitamin doses for the day. You can use them to….store stuff. I dunno, if you don’t know of any uses then throw them.

  5. I♥H✰ A✰T✰ E✰R✰S said :

    Theres nothing to do with them so
    just throw them away or recycle them.

  6. Nissa said :

    Well, look on the bottom. If the number in the little recycle logo is 1-7, then you can recycle it. We have a recycling program here in my state, but maybe not in others. But before you recycle it, PEEL OFF ALL THE LABELS Identity theft could seriously happen if you don’t. Once thats done, just find a recycle bin and toss them in. You can’t really return them like returnables, too small.

  7. . said :

    You can store things in them such as loose change,
    You can put creme in them for when you’re travelling so you don’t have to take the whole bottle.
    You can store beads and sequins in them for crafts.
    You can store acrylic paint in them to keep the paint longer.
    You can use them to store thumbtacks and nick naks…lots of ideas.

    You could even paint them to use in a sculpture if you’re creative and glue them in stacks.

  8. Rachael T said :

    The safest way would be to return them to youre pharmacy and let them to dispose of the emty bottles, that was they wont fall into the wrong hands. Any powder or liquid left in them can still be harmfull.

    Another way would be to recycle them if their glass or plastic containers.

  9. Mel said :

    Maybe if you get after your pharmacy they will set up some sort of recycling program for its customers.

  10. Wounded Duck said :


  11. candygirl_302003 said :

    take them back to the pharmacy they should take em

  12. iloveu2_21 said :

    the pharmacy can take them for you. they peel off the label, shred it, and put the empty bottles in a huge recycling bin, so you dont have to worry about personal info


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