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What medicine can help bring you back in reality when someone suffers from delusions of reference ?

But still kinda understands that they are irrational but cant help it ….

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4 Responses to “What medicine can help bring you back in reality when someone suffers from delusions of reference ?”

  1. Angelkat said :

    It sounds like you are describing a psychotic break and a psychiatrist would most likely prescribe an anti-psychotic and perhaps a sedative for a person who suffers such an episode.

  2. LillyB said :

    None – that kind of thing is best dealt with by therapy – it’s wonky thinking and the person requires help so that they can re-frame their thoughts.

  3. phillip b said :

    medicine none i have heard about
    therapies yes
    spiritual healing
    a good massage
    good nutrition
    an edgar cayce violet ray
    Spiritual healing ,Seichim and Reiki healing
    Find good therapists in your area /a good spiritulist church
    When People speak about their condition and tell of the benefits which they have found by employing the treatments one can only feel humbled .

    Spiritual healing — study the healing of harry edwards google search
    Harry Edwards recalled the case of a young man who, accompanied by a lady, was brought to me for healing. He was in great pain and eaten-up with arthritis. As the healing proceeded, so his pains left him, and his joints began to loosen and become free. When I had finished treating him, it was a real delight to see how wonderfully glad he was to be able to use his legs, feet, arms and hands again… and then he told me: “When I came here, I was convinced no one could help me, and I came only to please my Aunt, who brought me.”

    You worked a miracle with his father when he was very ill 1983-84 when I wrote to you, but you will be pleased to know he is now working for the Council and lives a fairly normal life.

    I’s report is complete – he is 100% fit and will have no trouble in resuming his sporting activities -considering the first reports, this is a miracle. I do not know how I would have managed without your wonderful help.

    You and the late Harry Edwards helped me so often and indeed I am still pressing on 18 years after I was expected to die from my last bout of cancer.

    I wrote to ask for healing for my sister who was to undergo an operation for aneurysm in the aorta. Her operation was very successful. After 1 day in intensive care and 2 days in progressive care she was back in her own room and has done extremely well. She was allowed home after 7 days when she had been told to expect to be in hospital for 10 to 15 days. Everyone was amazed at her recovery and the surgeon told her she had been a perfect patient. I feel sure the absent healing and our prayers were to a great extent responsible for this wonderful recovery and I thank you most sincerely for your help.

    I thought perhaps you would like to have a record of the people you have helped during the time I have been sending reports. M.L. -angina, complete recovery. D. L. -duodenal ulcer, complete healing. B.L. – Angina, complete recovery. P.D. – Leukaemia – apparent full recovery.

    On behalf of my mother, daughter and myself may I thank you for the lovely day at your Sanctuary last Tuesday. My mother is so much better it is truly amazing. She can stretch out her arms and even raise them to her head and her walking is much stronger. My daughter was very impressed, too. 1141/6
    My condition improved in as much as I now have much more self-confidence and ability to deal with my everyday life. 1145/6
    G.S. Good news. Up until recently he had to be helped to get into and out of his car. It is adapted to enable a disabled person to drive, The other day he got into his car entirely on his own and drove some 12 miles to a nearby town. Got out on his own and went into a shop to make a purchase. No wheelchair anymore! 1142/6
    You both, along with our friends in Spirit, have been directing healing for our daughter who, as I told you, has been given a full bill of health, thank you. 1146/6
    I must report to you the miracle that soon after writing to you about my husband’s ill health due to smoking, he decided to give up the habit and has not smoked since. I never thought it possible. It has been well worth it all. His general health has improved considerably. 1148/6

  4. Grace said :

    I know EXACTLY what you are feeling, it’s like a dream huh? It’s called DEREALISATION, and has helped me so much. There is so much information on the forms on that website, including what medications people have tried, how they worked, including vitamins/supplements that work. This is such an awful thing to suffer from, I’ve had it for over 2 years. DEREALISATION, now that you are a name for what you are feeling, you can now learn about it! You are not alone.


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