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Is it better to take medicine before going to bed or during the day?

I’m thinking it would be better to take medicine before you go to bed so the medicine works while your body recooperates/sleeps.

That way your body is healing itself with the help of the medicine.
This isn’t a prescription. This is just a cold medicine. That’s all I have is a cold.

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7 Responses to “Is it better to take medicine before going to bed or during the day?”

  1. davidb196 said :

    It depends on the type of medicine. some you want to take while your up and moving around so it’ll get pumped out where it needs to go through the veins.

  2. Alyssa S said :

    i don’t know the answer to this, and i don’t think it makes a difference unless it specifically says on the bottle. but if it doesn’t, make sure that u take it around the same time everyday

  3. jelmar106 said :

    It would depend on the medication and what it’s for. Your doctor would recommend, or ask pharmacist.. Some medications can make you sleepy, and some may keep you awake. Some work better on an empty stomach and some are easier on your stomach if taken with food. Even some foods or other medications can help or hinder the effect of another medication. So the best thing to do is ask your doctor.

  4. Sophiesmama said :

    You should follow the instructions on the bottle, if it is a prescription, it might indicate to eat with food, or on an empty stomach, also if you have to take the medicine 3-4 times a day, you couldn’t really sleep inbetween…

  5. Sam L said :

    the first time you take the medicine should be during the day, to make sure there wont be any bad reactions because of it. once you know your body responds well to it, i would say go ahead and take it during the night

  6. 123abc said :

    It really depends on the medicine. If you have a med that needs to be taken with food, then obviously, you would take it with meals. If you have a med that makes you sleepy, then you want to take it before you go to bed. Bottom line is, you need to follow the doctors instructions.

  7. angelzwings20032001 said :

    Yes I agree. But for meds that are more often than that you need to take them on schedule. Some meds require to be taken on an empty stomach. Others with meals or at least a glass of milk. You have to schedule accordingly.


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