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Any long term side effects from taking hayfever medicine?

My 9yr old son suffers from hayfever, its already started he has a runny nose and sneezing, does anyone know is there any long term side effects from taking such medicine 🙁

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3 Responses to “Any long term side effects from taking hayfever medicine?”

  1. Birdie2006 said :

    I’ve used it for most of my life and been absolutley fine, some of the more powerful tablets can make people drowsy but you learn what you can and can’t take. Normally I have the good stuff and just write off the first day as they put me to sleep then I’m fine.

    But as yet no lasting damage.

  2. Paul M said :

    I have been taking anti histamines for about 20 years…and I’m fine.

    Even if there were side effects I would still take them, hayfever can ruin my life for 4 weeks every summer.

  3. emn2111 said :

    You can eventually become immune to the antihistamine. I suffer “non-seasonal allergies” and when i was taking them a lot they stopped working and i had to try a different one, but as long as its just for a few mths a year for hayfever he should be absolutely fine. As hes quite young tho, might it be worth giving him locally produced honey and see if you can get rid of his hayfever altogether? Just a thought as hes not gonna want to suffer every summer for the rest of his life


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