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How can I loose extra fats from my hip and thigh region without tough exercise and medicine in very quick time?

I can’t go 4 vigorous exercise and allergic 2 drugs.I feel very ashamed of my shape and size and have 2 cancel parties with my family and friends.As I am out of shape i can’t wear proper dress all have 2 wear loose fitted clothes.Please help me out 2 get rid of my extra fats as quick as possible because after 2 months there is a marriage occasion in my house.

Thanking you in anticipation.

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3 Responses to “How can I loose extra fats from my hip and thigh region without tough exercise and medicine in very quick time?”

  1. Teez said :

    cycled 4 miles a day made me loose 2 dress sizes in about a month!

  2. It is me said :

    I lost 4 stone in 5 months. All I did was to change my diet. There are some basic rules to follow :-

    1) There’s only one person to blame for putting food in your mouth.

    2) The hardest part of a diet are other people telling you what to eat. Politely tell them to F off.

    3) You are either on a diet or not. If you sneak a biscuit or a chip that week, you are not on a diet.

    4) Willpower

    Don’t follow any of the rules, then forget it.

    Menu :

    1) Not allowed to eat potatoes at all, in any manner of shape or form
    2) Can only drink water, tap or flavoured
    3) Max 2 slices of brown bread in any 3 day period
    4) 2 meals a day, no sacks
    5) You are allowed to eat salads. No dressings, cheese, nuts, raisins etc… Just raw ingredients
    6) One meal can be 35g of special K with natural low fat yogurt. Not allowed any kind of milk.
    7) You are allowed Tuna.
    8) Foods must contain less than 2g of fat per 100g. Anything above this has too much fat.

    If you follow this, you will have lost 2 stone before the occasion.

    YOU MUST weigh yourself daily and keep a chart. YOU MUST lose weight every day.

    I was 15st 7lb and I’m now 11st 7lb. The energy I have is amazing, I don’t snore and my confidence has gone through the ceiling. Blokes have greater willpower than women.

    Throw out clothes that start to get too big. Buy smaller ones to squash yourself into, and then watch how loose they get before you throw those out as well.

    I went from 38″ waist to a slack 32″. I changed every single piece of clothing. Now I’m starting to exercise to tone up. Pity I broke my leg last week.

  3. ~*Imiteevanbaroxtar*~ said :

    Okay you don’t have to starve yourself or anything. Just go on daily walks do a few sit-ups and side bends before you go to sleep. Eat only 1,200 calories a day and if something doesn’t have calories on it that means it probably isn’t good for you anyways and have will power honey! Good Luck!


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