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What are the chances that you get cancer if you stop smoking abruptly?

My dad has been smoking for more than 30 yrs. Now a mass was found in his lungs. If this is cancer, should he stop smoking abruptly? I heard that if you stop smoking abruptly, then there is a bigger chance of developing cancer. Can anybody confirm this. Is quitting gradually more advisable? Thanks

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4 Responses to “What are the chances that you get cancer if you stop smoking abruptly?”

  1. mylo101 said :

    no I don’t think so…the mass could get bigger if he continued to smoke. Either way it’s not going to make a difference.

  2. Catharsis said :

    There is no evidence to support that hypothesis. If doctors found a mass in your father’s lung, I would recommend that he stop smoking yesterday!

  3. Spreedog said :

    “Catharsi” is right except I would prefer he stop smoking 15 years ago! If the lung mass is lung cancer, it has been developing over many years. It will do what it is going to do whether he smokes or not at this point, but those patients who stop smoking tend to do better overall if only from the advantages of fewer lung infections or preservation of remaining lung function. If he has surgery, smoking cessation would help post surgical recovery.

    Advice – stop now – abruptly if possible. There is no medical advantage to quitting gradually. Sometimes that is just easier for people. But regardless of smoking cessation or continued smoking, the course of a possible cancerous growth will not be affected. Smoking does not continuously promote growth – it just starts the cancer process – – and that was years ago – – – IF the mass he has now is a malignancy. That is as yet unproven.

    I hope the mass is not a cancer. In that case, he should still stop smoking ASAP.

  4. Win. H said :

    In any case,i think he should stop smoking so as to avoid the further development.Then should he have a pathological examination and diagnosis immediately.

    I hope it is not a cancer,good luck


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