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Treadmill question. Please help?

Do treadmills improve your running capabilities for running on tarmac and grass?. I mean, say if i can run for 1 hour on a treadmill will i be able to run on tarmac and grass for 1 hour as well?.

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5 Responses to “Treadmill question. Please help?”

  1. Dancergrl said :

    I’m pretty sure you can because your muscles are getting stronger during that hour and a tread mill isn’t that different then tarmac.

  2. C A said :

    I guarentee, it will be much harder. For me, treadmills arent difficult and doesnt make me feel like i’m focussed on running, just that i’m focussed on not falling off the back of my treadmill…hahha. but yeah i would try practicing on the real ground for a while.

  3. poodle luvr said :

    I like running on treadmills, which is my practice for soccer but in reality the grass will be a lot more difficult to run on because you get caught up in it and it’s all bumpy. Still, running at all will make you have longer endurance and strength.

  4. pete_mcs said :

    Running on a Treadmill has its pros’s and con’s. The pros’s is that you can run on a thread mill when the weather is poor outside, that way the climate does not interrupt your training regime. But the downfall in this is that you don’t get used to running in the climate that you may be racing in. A tread mill also assists the runner slightly when running, to combat this assistance you should raise the elevation up to 1 or 1.5 degrees. Also use the elevation feature of the tread mill to simulate hills on a normal run.
    You miss the joys of running outside when your stuck inside, so use the treadmill when you have to, and get out and enjoy the fresh air as a norm.

  5. Jeney M said :

    No believe me, I spent the winter running indoors. So just say I ran 6 miles indoors when I went to run outdoors I could only run 4.5 miles as it was a lot tougher. No hills or wind when running on a treadmill. I have to say it feels a lot nicer running outdoors with the natural air and changing surroundings.


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