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Stopped smoking?

Firstly thank you for your time!!

I have been a smoker since I was about 12 (now 32) and on the 18 August my bf and I stopped smoking, its been 39 days (not that I’m counting lol). I found the first 2 wks really easy, hardly any cravings, no mood swings and generally really confident about stopping. The last few weeks however have been really hard, smoking is on my mind from the moment I get up to the moement I go to bed, I’m anxious, snappy and actually feel really depressed with it, I’ve also started putting weight on too. If I’m honest I want something to happen so that I can go to the shop and buy some cigs, purely so I can use it as an excuse to start again. I have stopped using the cold turkey method and I’m really reluctant to get nicotine replacement treatment after so long. Has anyone stopped and suceeded who knows what I’m going through right now???

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7 Responses to “Stopped smoking?”

  1. rapper said :


  2. Martinmm said :

    just look at the extra money you saved !
    now,can i barrow 5 bucks ?

  3. Splex said :

    Girl lots of people have been in the same situation and your not the only one that have had been through there. I mean I have been there and got through it really hard. Though your doin well and I think your getting to the easy part. Maybe when you see cigars again you”lll want to vomit.

  4. Wobie said :

    I have been a smoker too. If you are tempted to smoke..just drink a glass of water instead and take a candy. It really works. You must always have a candy on your pocket. That is the best alternative for you cravings for smoking. You will surely forget smoking if you set your mind that you really hate smoking. You must get irritated whenever you smell smokes of cigarette.. You will soon get over it.

  5. mr danger said :

    Yeah I do .On 12/19 I will be 11 years smoke- free and I did it cold turkey .
    I was a 25year 2+ pack a day smoker [ Camel non-filters]
    As you have discovered the problem is not the nicotine. The problem is the habit Nicotine withdrawal has got be one of the most over-rated experiences in the world
    The hard part is over. Now all you gotta do is change the environments that you usually associate smoking with. If you to the bar and drink and smoke[although that’s getting harder to do these days] don’t go to the bar for a while. Coffee and cigarettes -same thing
    Accept the fact that you’re gonna put on weight
    You’re gonna put on weight because smokers have an oral fixation ,if they can’t have a cigarette they have to put something else in their mouths to make them happy.
    Since you stopped smoking your taste buds are going to come back to life, food will start to taste better and you’ll eat more as a result.
    Just hang in there .You’re almost there .Don’t give up now .
    Good luck

  6. Steve R said :

    You can get the COMMIT 2mg nicotine lozenges at any drug store to help with the cravings. I use them since I can’t smoke at work.

  7. michael m said :

    morning my friend. i have no clue what you are going through, but it sounds to me like you are doing a fantastic job so far. im proud of you. just keep your head up high……… and keep pushing on. try do things to keep your mind off of it, go do things with your little one, concentrate on your career. remember that you and your man quiting smoking, is beniffiting your little one aswell. maybe keep her in mind……dont take your eyes off reason why you stopped in the first place. miss you sugar. mwah


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