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I stopped smoking on Saturday, but I still really want to smoke, is this normal?

I started smoking about four years ago when I was in college and would smoke about half a pack a day. On Saturday I stopped, but now late at night and early in the morning I get a really strong urge to smoke. And it seems to be getting worse. I think I might start again, and the next time I quit use a patch or something. I’d almost rather smoke and chance getting cancer than have to constantly want to smoke and not be able to. Or will the urge lessen with time?

Why not add your oppinion as well ?

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5 Responses to “I stopped smoking on Saturday, but I still really want to smoke, is this normal?”

  1. Evan greener said :

    its normal, your addicted
    just try and replace your cigarette craving with something else, like a chocolate bar, i dont know!
    Good luck

  2. Maher D said :

    my case is similar to yours but a little worse cause i started 7 years ago
    my last year resolution was to stop smoking and i did it just like that not a single cigarette since not even one without sissy patches or 12 step Program it’s either you want to stop or not

  3. nev said :

    i too are giving up ive smoked for 25 years ive tried 3 times to pack in but to no avail did you know it can take the body up to 4 year to get addicted to nicotine .well ive tried the patches they worked for 3 weeks until i got drunk ripped it off then helped mysell to somebodys box it was like pure addiction mate . ive been taking tablets there supposed to hav a good success rate but the one thing tou do need is will power and lots of it .you have got tot want to stop . im half way through this course there called champix were you take one tablet a day carry on smoking for 8 days then 2 stronger tablets for the next 8 days thats when you give up ………….between day 8 and 16 good luck itl only kill you

  4. Yvieangel said :

    There are lots of NRT’s (Nicotine replacement therapies) on the market. I use nicotine gum and yes it worked but you’ve also got to be dedicated to quitting especially if you drink. Sometimes I’ll have a cigerette when I’m drinking but it makes me feel so sick, I wish I didn’t.
    I quit 3 yrs ago and had smoked for over 20yrs.
    It’s possible. Will power.
    Don’t lose a limb (like I did-a toe from bad circulation) or your health before you give up. The damage will already be bad by then.

  5. andy h said :

    Every addiction has to be managed one day at a time. You’re doing great! I agree with addiction swapping but make it something good & productive like maybe exercise. It will take about 7 years for you to have completely new lungs so fire them up in a different way and start walking, jogging and weight lifting. The endorphins, hormones your body releases when exercising, will make you feel good and hopefully stop the nicotine craving.


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