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How can I really really want to stop smoking?

I knw I should stop smoking i wanna save my money and not look old before my time but how can i get to the point where i really really never wanna smoke again? Im not sure i really want to give up enough to stop for good?

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8 Responses to “How can I really really want to stop smoking?”

  1. Unknown said :

    chew lots of gum doesent matter just chew alot of gum if you want a ciggerate just find the gum and just fill your mouth

  2. pingpong42 said :

    Hey- I was a smoker as well. I smoked for a long time. I am 24 years old and I have been smoke free for about a year. I started smoking when I was 16 years old.
    If you don’t mind taking pills… you can ask you doctor for Chantix. This is a RX that alot of people have used and it has worked. For my the pill was a wonder!!! But I will also say that some peoplewho take it have bad dreams and it can cause other problems.
    The best thing to do would be to talk to your doctor.
    Prior to the doctor giving this medication they would ask alot of questions to check to see if it would be a good fit for you.
    Good luch and stay strong. Quiting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health and the health of those around you. It is also one of the most hard things to do. But Very well worth it.

  3. hasardspill said :

    You are not going to give up smoking unless you really really want too. “Attempting” to quit won’t cut it. You can force yourself to quit when you really want to. Forcing yourself to really want to quit so you have the willpower to force yourself to quit smoking…Not happening. Drop me line if you figure otherwise.

    I want to want to quit too!

  4. jessette58 said :

    Let me give you some tips…I am involve in a group of bodybuilders and I am noticing that all of my friends are non-smokers. I think that tells a lot that when you are involved in sports or some other activity or exercise you will be able to quit smoking for good. I’m just thinking that if you’re mind is focused on “fitness” you will really want to say “hey I gotta stop this, I want to stop it”. Some of your friends may suggest to you to use some “stop smoking aids” but I doubt it. This stop smoking aids contains the same nicotine that all smokers are trying to avoid and so when people use it, they are still exposing themselves to the same addictive element.


    Well the fact is actually quitting smoking is easy.. Well pretty easy. Its the fact that with the first major stress after you quit WILL make you smoke again THATS whats hard about quitting. After you smoked for first cigarette you will always be a smoker. The only thing good about smoking is they are a drug that’s legal and you can be your own dealer and pretty much never have to worry out where your next fix is coming. I currently am on my 3rd break from smoking. I can tell you this quitting cold turkey WITH a heck of a good reward at the end of the misery is a great way to go. My reward was a 18year old hottie to bang if I quit smoking! This current time I have taken a break is because of sexual performance issues. IF sex/health education would have BAM smacked us guys in the face with SPOKEN BOLD facts about how smoking WILL “hurt” you in the penis department later in life I would have never started smoking.

  6. Cassiopeia said :

    I didn’t want to quit smoking either. I knew I should, but it was such a huge part of my life. I love it. Should I really feel guilty for saying that? I don’t think so, but maybe that is because I’m no longer fearful of cancer, smelly clothes/breath, or killing others with my second-hand smoke. I switched to electric cigarettes. I know it sounds too good to be true. But hey I get my fix and my loved ones are happier. Here’s a video that will show you what I’m talking about

    And as far as Chantix goes, suicide is a fairly alarming side effect if you ask me.

  7. MT Ghazali, M.Sc, pharmacist said :

    Many people are deciding to stop smoking for their healthiness or financial problem.

    #1 Altering behaviour
    Behavioural modification is the common method that used by people to stop smoking. It alters the smoking behavioural for the daily activities.

    People who have desire to smoking maybe alter their activity, such as: walking, suck on candy, chewing gum or toothpick.

    Stop smoking suddenly is better than step by step and then decides the day target to stop smoking also help people to recover smoking addiction.

    Ask your health care consultant to help make the regiment behavioural modification.

    #2 Change with non-smoking nicotine stuffs
    many products that can be the nicotine substitutions are available in the market, such as: nicotine chewing gum, nicotine nasal spray, nicotine inhaler.

    #3 Exercises
    the increasing of body weight needs an attention, especially for woman. Nicotine is pressuring the appetite and supporting the calories metabolism. Any exercises are helping people to prevent weight gain and supporting nicotine desire reduction.

    #4 Drugs
    While you can recovery without drugs, better to you to continue because drugs have many adverse effects that may harm you.

    Bupropion, antidepressant drugs are given to the people who have the depression symptom or have risk factor.

    Varenicline tartrate is a new drug that will recover and support you to stop smoking. Remember, it needs the doctor monitoring and controlling.

  8. Martin I said :

    Remember all the good things about smoking … should take you no more than like … 0 seconds. There are no good things about smoking.
    Then remember all the benefits you will gain if you quit smoking.


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