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Should the price be decreased on healthy food?

To eat healthily can be more expensive than eating junk food.Why is this so? Surely if the government wants a healthy britain then they should make a price increase allot on junk food and make healthy food very cheap.What do you think?

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11 Responses to “Should the price be decreased on healthy food?”

  1. Winnie said :

    Absolutely! If healthier foods were much cheaper,alot of people or families would be able to buy them! I am serious when I tell you that alot of people are overweight because they buy what is cheapest for them and their families,and healthy food is not cheap by any means.

    If a bag of apples or oranges is more expensive than chicken pot pies,or macaroni and cheese which do you think a hungry family is going to buy? They are going to buy whatever is cheapest,and they are going to buy whatever kind of meals that stretch their food dollar too!

    I know that I will get flamed for saying this,but if the government were to drastically lower the cost on fresh fruits,vegetables,chicken,fish etc ALOT more people would be able to eat healthier than they are now,I am not kidding!

  2. P P said :

    The government should not be in a position to change the price of food.

    What I chose to eat is none of its business — if it doesn’t want the NHS to treat me, then it can let me have my money back and I’ll make my own arrangements.

  3. alikat said :

    yeah thats why i eat junk cos its much cheaper the price of healthy food is ridiculous

  4. Ts said :


  5. feverfew said :

    it’s not more expensive if you’re careful about what you buy and where you buy it. e.g. getting a weekly organic vegetable delivery box instead of buying expensive supermarket veg – things like that. does require a bit of forward planning though. more people should grow their own fruit and veg i think. i certainly would, if i had a garden! i don’t think the price should be decreased on healthy food, as suppliers need to cover their costs to stay afloat, but junk food should definitely go up in price.

  6. Tara said :


  7. Fred3663 said :

    Who is going to decide
    ‘healthy’ olive oil 100% fat
    ‘unhealthy’ butter 84% fat
    mince beef, healthy spag bol or unhealthy burger

  8. knowitallssuckiamone said :

    I think fresh and frozen fruit and veg, and pulses etc ARE pretty cheap already, to be honest.

  9. Mike L said :

    I disagree your Unhealthy is nonsense
    BUT there are FAT people who abuse all food and they have problems
    the price increases are from the grocers and the food industry,,, Inflating the prices..
    you want FAIR Prices..? make the Indistry report their profit and and losses and remove tax deductions
    the large markets donate money and produce to the community and take the tax deductions
    WITH money “we” paid for the inflation

  10. uk vegikate said :

    fruit and veg is very reasonably priced. a bag of oranges is about the same price as a pack of kit kats. its all about choice. people choose to eat junk because thats what they like. junk food should be more expensive. and its not up to the government to decide the price of a junk-burger, its up to the supermarkets and the junk-burger suppliers to set the price. sorry to go on but a very fat lady i work with tells me she cant afford to eat healthy food, yet she has a huge bag of sweets clutched in her fat fingers. the mind boggles

  11. banjet15 said :

    Yes agree , but if you plan your food buying your healthy food will be much cheaper than junk foods.


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