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How do I get my 10year old boy with Aspergers Syndrome to eat healthy food?

My 10 year old has Aspergers syndrom and will not eat healthy food, he only eats beige food and will not eat anything but chips, hotdogs, chicken nuggets (horrible cheap ones). He eats some fruit but will not touch veg. I have tried games, forcing, starving (a day only) but to no avail. He is overweight and seriously needs to lose some weight. Please Help!!!

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9 Responses to “How do I get my 10year old boy with Aspergers Syndrome to eat healthy food?”

  1. Beatngu said :

    NO LONGER GIVE IN…. You see, the things you’ve tried in the past haven’t worked because you feel guilty and then give in.

    At 10, if he wont eat what you’ve made for dinner, that tough. But, it isn’t a restaurant, right? In our house… you either eat dinner, or go to bed hungry. Those are your two options. I have a 5 & 3 year old and let me tell you, tough love has done them (and me) some good! I have children that will at the very least try anything and we haven’t come across anything they don’t like.

    Stop buying hot dogs and chicken nuggets, fill your house with healthy foods. Period.

  2. dee said :

    Good luck with this its a hard question to answer. I have two autistic kids one eats well the other, as yours will only eat beige coloured processed food. I have tried everything I can think of but nothing has really had any long term effects. Have you seen a paediatrician about this?

  3. pauls-mrs to be said :

    im laughing, not at you but along with you as if we didnt laugh we would cry! sorry but there is no way really, my sons peadiatrician said as long as my son is eating well as has a variety (in your case a beige variety) then its better than not eating at all like some aspies do. ask if she will refer you to a dietitian. have u tried blending things and mixing them with the beige stuff?

  4. Andi C said :

    You could try switching to things like parsnip or swede chips, tofu or quorn (chicken) nuggets, vegi sausages. You could also try using a blender to mix vegetables into a beige mush that can be coated in breadcrumbs and grilled to look like burgers.
    Good luck.

  5. Shekhinah said :

    Try writing a social story about healthy eating. Include pictures of healthy foods and talk about how strong and energetic he’ll feel if he eats those foods. Try to include a picture of him smiling and happy and say that’s how he’ll be more often if he eats right. Also include unhealthy foods and pictures of really heavy people looking unhappy because they ate those foods too much. Social stories might take a little bit of effort to create, but for whatever reason they really work most of the time. Read it with him often and talk about it. When I write a social story I just tape the pictures down to the pages with print on them, then put the pages in those clear paper covers and put it all in a 3-pronged binder to make the book. Good luck and I hope this helps!!

  6. Jess said :

    Instead of buying these things for him, then make them yourself. Make potatoe/veggie chips (just thin slice them, add olive oil and some spices and bake) or bake whole wheat tortilla (soft) shells, cut them up and same process. Buy some salsa to go with it. You can buy veggie hot dogs that taste the same and are soo much healthier! Only get whole wheat bread/pasta, make chicken nuggets yourself.
    Start eating healthy as a family, especially for the sake of your son. These junk foods can all be made healthy and esp not fatty-just remember to bake instead of fry and make veggies fun.
    Don’t address him in the fact that he needs to lose weight or anything like that, as he will get down/try to get his hands on junk food. Just start baking more! look on,, for some healthy yummy recipes 🙂

  7. I have a disablity said :

    hi there
    you doing one of the hardist things and trying to help you son loose some wight

    try making food he like but hiding veg in them

    have you try makeing him some chicken nuggers from scatch will he eat his hot dogs with brown bread and onions?

    what are the kinds of food he likes?

    take care

    have you tryed talking to your doctor

  8. Alysia said :

    My aspie son wont eat anything hardly weve been getting him to eat healthy cerial and drink whole milk. I tried to get him by mixing the good food in stuff like baby carrots smashed and stirred in but he just started refuse the food he did eat …now he is skin and bones and not healthy…I would be like the doctor if he is eating something be happy and put him on vitamins.

  9. Sharon said :

    My 10 yo son won’t stop eating.He has Aspergers.12months ago he became obsessed with becoming as huge as he could be. He went from 35kgs to 50 kgs in 10months. I felt totally helpless watching him.He would eat butter straight from the tub and consume large amounts of milk. He would get his relatives to buy him junk food – against my wishes. They know better now though.His obsession didn’t pass,it simply faded a bit.Now he is obsessed with wearing suit pants & jackets. But because his tummy is so big,it bothers him. So I am hoping he will make the decision himself to stop trying to to be fat.I tend to stock only healthy foods,so he can’t get his hands on junk food.He also plays a bit of sport which helps. Good luck.


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