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Should i take any protein after working out for fat loss?

I used to be working out for muscle mass – taking protein after working out – now i am working out for fat loss ( more reps, less weight, less time between sets, cardio after working out, is there anything else i can do to transform a muscle mass workout to a fat loss workout? More sets?) Anywho ……. sorry for getting of topic : )

I was wondering if i should take protein before, during, or after working out? Also, is there anything else i could do to make a muscle mass workout into a fat loss workout?

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2 Responses to “Should i take any protein after working out for fat loss?”

  1. Bentley2304 said :

    You can’t cut and build at the same time. Protein adds muscle but the more muscle you already have, the easier the fat will come off. The muscle you have already will use the fat you have for energy if you cut carbs and calories.

  2. foppa said :

    Why don’t you stop advertising Catilyn

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