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after how many runs should i expect to see weight/fat loss??

I’ve just started going for runs each day (only 2 so far.. but i”m hoping I can keep it up!) and I was just wondering how many runs I’ll have to do before I start to see any weight loss and fat loss?

I know that I’ll probably gain a little muscle weight to begin with, but when will I start to notice my leg, face and stomach fat start to disappear??

I’m running about 5km per run/day.

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3 Responses to “after how many runs should i expect to see weight/fat loss??”

  1. Cool. said :

    after a week you might notice a difference if youre doing it along with a healthy diet

  2. readgold2000 said :

    It depends on your diet, your current size/weight, your metabolism, etc. Its really impossible to give you an honest answer with the information provided.

    If you eat healthy foods, avoid fried foods and carbs and drink plenty of water you may begin to notice changes in your size within a week or two…you might take 3 or 4 weeks to really notice a change in your weight though.

  3. BEN said :

    would take a minimum of a week’s time to notice any difference…
    u gotta add some weight trainning to it to prevent muscle loss…
    and take care of wat u eat…
    have 5-6 small meals each containing a source of lean protein like, cottage cheese, lean beef, turkey/chicken breast…
    if u do all that u’ll loose more fat than muscles…
    u’ll lose about a couple o pounds a week…


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