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PLease suggest a killer cardio workout for rapid fat loss?

PLease suggest a killer cardio workout for rapid fat loss?

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2 Responses to “PLease suggest a killer cardio workout for rapid fat loss?”

  1. Barry P said :

    Cardio is the slow way to get rid of fat. The fastest way, and even it isn’t really fast, is to increase your muscle mass. Muscles need energy and they get it from your fat. It takes many weeks to develop muscles depending on how often you exercise. Three times a week is the maximum times you should workout because your muscles need time to repair themselves after each workout.

  2. iQ Fitness said :

    The first answerer is half right… You need to do a combination of strength training and cardio training to burn fat… strength 2 – 3 times per week and cardio 3 – 5 times per week.

    Now for a killer routine try doing this for cardio before your weights, it’s actually not really cardio as such but it is scientifically proven to produce massive amounts of Human Growth Hormone and burns heaps of calories…

    Do 8 sets of 60 meter sprints. Each sprint should be faster than the last and you are aiming to get it under 10 seconds each time. You need to go all out here. Rest between each set for 1:30 – 2 mins. You’ew only working hard here for 80 seconds or less, Sounds easy huh? Just wait you’ll die if you do it right. And the bonus is that in your rest periods where you’re doing nothing your actually doing cardio, crazy huh? Enjoy!

    For anything more detailed that’d cost ya lol… A man’s got to make a living after all 😉


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