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cardio first thing in the morning for fat loss?

should i be exercising first thing in the morning before i eat if i want to actually lose fat and not just burn the calories i have eaten through out the day?
currently i usually exercise at night so if i change it to morning and something light and short at night do you think i will lose more fat because i have pretty much hit a plateau

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3 Responses to “cardio first thing in the morning for fat loss?”

  1. phusion said :

    Morning cardio is much better. It will give you more energy throughout the day, which will hopefully encourage you to be more active throughout the day. I stopped doing cardio at night because basically what you’re doing is getting your entire system juiced up and ready to go, and shortly after shutting it down to go to sleep.

  2. Tracey said :

    Cardio in the morning before breakfast is ok, since it will get your metabolics pumped up, which will make your breakfast “stick” less. The calories you take in will be burned more, and stacked less.

  3. Otis S said :

    ya cause when u sleep you just have calories and wont burn or just do cardio after a meal


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