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where can i buy a fat loss book or ebook? nothing too expensive please.?

im desprate for a book or ebook to help me lose weight!

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6 Responses to “where can i buy a fat loss book or ebook? nothing too expensive please.?”

  1. Mario said :

    Desprate for a book? Whatever…

  2. Cerys said :

    Say what?? Lose for weight?! Fuck! Who lose for weight in the first place?

  3. Gabe said :

    If you want motivation, I say go buy the “Truth About Six Pack Abs” book. That’s how I got started with my weight loss and I’ve healthily kept it off. It looks like a whole scam at first, especially the way they advertise it, but really, they make great sense out of weight loss, gives you some great motivation to start your workouts, and gives you great exercises you can easily do at home (and they show pictures of how to do it! Great!)

    I started off with that book then I jumped from blogs to blogs (Yahoo! Shine has great tips under healthy living) and more books, but focusing more on Nutrition and Healthy Eating and Muscle Formation and Metabolism stuff. After that, in about 2 months, I landed with the P90X program which is currently kicking my butt. The program, though expensive, offers quite a lot in terms of exercise and some great recipes to follow for their 90 day plan of dieting to aid you in your exercise regimen. Let me tell you, I’m a guy who can easily do 3 sets of 50 rep 30lb weighted sit-ups, crunches, and cherry pickers, but P90X’s program (especially their core exercise) murdered my abs and my arms. So yeah, “The Truth about Six Pack Abs” definitely started me off the whole healthy living, and obviously I’ve found more and more things to read and to guide me to get in a way better shape than I have ever been. My BMI used to be 28 *that’s overweight* now I’m down to 24 *normal!* and my body fat is 15% now.

    I highly recommend this book in terms of motivation and great ideas for exercise, but also add nutrition and health books and you’ll be set.

  4. Billy said :
  5. Zio Paperone said :

    there are some at

  6. SalvadorD said :

    You probably just want to lose fat and not weight. A good overall workout will help you build muscle, raise your metabolism and then lose fat.

    Here’s some more info about how that works:


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