My imagination or does the brain more clear on a low carb diet?

Ive always had a problem where I’ve felt like I’m walking trough a fog. But when I go on a low carb (no carb at this point) it seems to lift the fog. I am more lucid and happier.

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3 Responses to “My imagination or does the brain more clear on a low carb diet?”

  1. SunnyState23 said:

    I’m not exactly sure, but I always feel more drowzy after eating a lunch with cards (like right now). Walking though a fog is a good way of putting it. Maybe I shouldn’t have as many carbs for lunch!

  2. netgio said:

    low carb diet does make you feel more stronger,more energy,clearer mind.
    I did experienced that,too.
    may be your usual diet is high carb ?
    high carb diet gives you opposite feeling og low carb diet.

  3. enelkay said:

    I’ve been on low-carb for almost 15 years. Before I started on it I remember I used to feel groggy and drowsy after both lunch and dinner. Within a couple of days of starting low-carb I stopped feeling that way, and started feeling more energized all the time. And I still do. However, even though I stay on low-carb almost totally, I’m at the point now where I sometimes order a high-carb meal or a dessert when I eat at a restaurant. When I do, within just a few minutes I feel as though I need a nap. And my mind feels dull for at least a full day — sometimes longer.


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