Is a low carb diet really so bad for you?

I need to loose a 100 pounds and are thinking of following a low carb diet.

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3 Responses to “Is a low carb diet really so bad for you?”

  1. Dio said:

    If you are just removing simple carbs like sugar and flour, then go for it, but if you are removing complex carbs as well, like fruits and veggies, you are asking for trouble. Your body needs fruits and veggies for nutrients that you cannot get from other sources. You will become very sick in that case.

  2. AckDuScheisse!! said:

    slow and steady wins the race… The carb diet worked, and then I gained my 20 back and THEN some… do what the first guy said, but make sure you’re adding excersize to that… a lot of it.

  3. Bill J said:

    I lost over 70 pounds some years ago and have not put it back on at all (Ok – maybe 3 or 4 pounds over the holiday but that’s almost gone again)

    Now I do eat some carbs in my veggies but I have cut out most from grains and rice for example.

    The most interesting place I’ve found for info is at

    No BS and they guy knows what he’s on about.


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