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lose weight?

i’m 5 ft 9 and 12 stone i really REALLY want to tone up and lose some weight but i’m so unbelieveably lazy and i just cannot stick to a diet! my bf is going in the armed forces so he’ll be hench and toned and i don’t want him to come back and find me with a big fat belly and cellulite! help! any ideas on how to keep myself focused and does anyone know any really decent gyms?preferably in kent. xx

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18 Responses to “lose weight?”

  1. star said :

    LOWER your intake on calories.

  2. MR VALENTINE said :


  3. anaxlmedes said :

    this is easy… eat 4-5 times per day…small meals…no junk…if ur hungry for a snack…carrots lettuce…etc…dont eat after 700pm…no drinking beer…and u should loose some weight as simple as that

  4. TPhi said :

    If you are like you say you are, then you can’t do this alone. If I were you, I’d try to hook up with a friend or try a group activity which involves being active – – – like a dance class. There’s all kinds of dances that will help you focus and drop weight. Even ballet.

  5. fitnessgrl said :

    You need a good support system and maybe a fun challange to keep you motivated. Come on over to we can help you get started on a healthy program that will work and will work for good no fads here. Just normal people getting fit and healthy the natural way. Hope to see you over there!

  6. wemery said :

    It’s been shown that in order to effectively lose weight by diet alone, you have to reduce your caloric intake to a level that most people find impossible to maintain. Unfortunately if you want to lose a few pounds you’re going to have to put the fork down and drag yourself to the gym.

    It’s really hard to stay motivated, that’s just the human condition. We’re all inherently lazy. If you really want to look good for your boyfriend then use that as a motivating force. Once you get into the habit of daily exercise and you start to see the changes in your body, that becomes a strong driving force itself.

  7. Jennifer said :

    If you dont want to go on a diet..then just eat health. I lose about 40 pounds in 6 months watching what I eat, doing cardio on a tread mill and drinking LOTS of water. No junk food, no salt, and watch your sodium intake By whole wheat foods, eat 5 times a day, but only eat little plates.

  8. chickensoup1357 said :

    Don’t worry, I’m 5 ft 7 and 12.5 stone. I probably have more cellulite than you. 🙂 Cheer up chick! Nah, but seriously, try eating pistachio nuts, and tell me what colour your poo turns!

  9. Suraj said :

    cut right down on fatty foods and junk food, eat healthy, more fruits and veggies. or become a veggie. lots of water, no fizzy drinks or alcohol. work out (sit ups, tread mill, and exercise bike).

    and dont be lazy, just think of it like this:

    “if i don’t lose the weight, then i’ll lose him”

  10. akitababy1982 said :

    i need to lose weight as well i am 5ft 8 and about 13 and a bit stone i cant go to the gym as i have heart problems I’m due to have surgery soon and need to loose weight for that
    if u want u can keep emailing me to tell me how ur doing we can go on a diet together if u think it would help

  11. livingstyle said :

    find good exercises for reducing
    belly fat.

  12. ash said :

    You say you are ‘unbelievably lazy’ ‘ You say that you cannot stick to a diet’ , this negative self talk is the key to whats stopping you. I recommend getting a personal ‘life coach’. ( I want to make it clear I’m not saying this to get business. In fact it will work best if YOU choose the right personality for you.) But invest in a personal ‘life coach’. The right person will reduce that self talk that is stopping you from being successful. Its all about how you are thinking that effects: what you do in life and how well you do.
    I recommend Paul Mckennas ‘I can make you thin’ system. Its not a diet! you can eat what you want! look into it.
    ( I’ve just started a yahoo group successfullyslim, if you want to get group support and info based around ‘I can make you thin)
    The point is a good coach will show you how to get focused, Paul McKenna will show you how to lose weight without dieting!
    You can do it! Start now, good luck xxx

  13. alinurse99 said :

    Stop conforming to what the the media says. Your weight is fine for your height. Why does everyone wanna be a size zero freak. Men like curves. its a fact.

  14. m said :

    To successfully lose weight, you must carry out
    a plan to balance your caloric intake with exercise.
    Ideally, dieting should be done by eating a nutritionally
    balanced, low-calorie diet and increasing physical activity.
    I found useful informations at

  15. Peter R said :

    I lost a stone and a half and inches too on a diet from A1diet. I was given help and support to keep me motivated too!! So it was really easy to stick to it and keep focussed. When you get results withi days – believe me – you stay focussed!!
    Check the website below

  16. ehalton1986 said :

    buy a stepper, stick it in front of the tv and watch eastenders… from start to finish step the whole duration. you will then have done a 30 min cardio workout… do this whenever eastenders is on… it will soon become regular exercise for you and will see the weight fall off…. try counting calories too, eating raw and natural foods and if cooked grilled or boiled. basically detox yourself. green tea on top of this will boost metabolism. toning exercises are good too as increase metabolism and obviously shape your body how you want to…. go here for some exercises

  17. James Penn said :


    I’ve recently written a short report which details how you can lose weight quickly and easily. It invovles how to plan your weight loss program, how to remain motivated and the types of exercises you can do to lose weight quickly.

    You can download the report for free from

  18. Beautiful R said :

    To successfully lose weight, you must know the facts below:

    Low Fat Foods DON’T WORK.

    You cannot lose weight using Low Fat Diets. Low fat foods have been popular for more than 15 years, but yet our society is getting more overweight as each year passes. This fact alone should tell you that eating a purely low fat menu is not the answer to losing weight.

    Low Calorie Diets DON’T WORK.

    You won’t lose weight using a Low Calorie Dieting Plan either. In fact, eating low calories is the worst thing that you can do to your body, since that will only slow down your body’s fat burning engine and ruin all chances of losing weight (low calorie diets may allow a few pounds of weight loss for the first few days, but then after that all weight loss comes to a halt — known as a dieting plateau). You can never get slim by starving yourself.

    Low Carb Plans DON’T WORK.

    You’ll probably find it extremely difficult to get slim using a Low Carb Dieting Plan. Low carb diets have recently become popular over the last couple years, but the problem with low carb menus is that they are too strict and TOO HARD TO FOLLOW for average people. Low carb menus tend to rob your body of too much energy (carbohydrates) and make it nearly impossible to remain on the program for very long. This is why so many dieters find it difficult to follow a strict low carbohydrate menu.

    In fact,the food that you eat can either make you THIN or FAT!!!

    Check out here:

    It will tell you the whole secret of weight loss and it will tell you how to lose weight by eating Chicken,Fish Filet,Cottage Cheese,sandwich and so on.You can find weight loss is so easy and so happy!!!


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