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what’s the coolest way to lose weight got a great diet that worked?

erm i was 12 stone now i am 11 without really trying…. how’d THAT happen!!!


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9 Responses to “what’s the coolest way to lose weight got a great diet that worked?”

  1. doll said :

    read tips on weight loss and some great exercise programs on this site

  2. Abby said :

    I rely on Weight Watchers.. healthy and it’s a lifestyle not a diet

  3. Starry Eyes said :

    check this out

  4. Nina said :


  5. beth7595 said :

    I lost 30 lbs by walking and watching what I ate. I’ve kept the weight off too. Here’s what I did. I would go to the gym (or around the neighborhood) for about 30 minutes at first and progressing to an hour. Walking a pace that is comfortable for you but isn’t too slow. Make sure you keep the same pace throughout the entire time that you are walking. I ate things that were low calories but high in protein. I also noticed that eating a breakfast seemed to also help by starting my metabolism up early. I would eat cereal (Go Lean has a lot of protein in it) and a banana to kick start my day. I’ve managed to keep the weight off and feel so much better about myself. I hope this helps and good luck!

  6. oh_the_days_of_swine_and_roses said :

    i lost 20 lbs in a month eating healthier, not snacking and playing ddr for fun almost everyday!

  7. CyberCommie said :

    There is only one way that always works, Veganism! Cut out all dairy products and meat, you will shed the pounds!

  8. trix said :

    I’ve had great results with this program check it out! Lost 30 lbs. in first month.

    Super easy program. No cooking required which was great for me. I can still eat out and enjoy lifes pleasures.

  9. piyu said :

    If you want to lose weight,the calories
    used by the body should be more than
    energy provided by the food eaten.A
    safest way to lose weight is reduce
    weight gradually by combining a scientific
    diet with suitable exercise. More informations
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