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Is there a risk for diabetics to loose weight fast?

I dont mean crash diet, please read.

A friend of mine has an appointment to be tested for diabetes, and she would like to start eating better beforehand, and exercise too. She’s afraid to continue on the way she is and make it worse. The thing is, she can loose weight pretty quick, even by eating the proper amount of foods (i.e. she wouldnt be starving herself) but, is it bad for diabetics to loose weight fast like that? Neither one of us know much about it.

Hm, I like both answers. Thank you. 🙂

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2 Responses to “Is there a risk for diabetics to loose weight fast?”

  1. lilboomer25 said :

    I Don’t think so, Go For It……..

    When I was first diagnosed, I changed my diet considerably. I cut out ALL soda’s (loaded with sugar) water is the best!!! Limited my meal time Carbs, and within the first month I lost 20 pounds.

    half hour exercise per day helps lots to controll Blood Glucose levels.


  2. Ashley E said :

    There is no research study that has found that rapid weight loss harms diabetics, as long as you’re not doing anything unhealthy to lose weight, like crash dieting. To get her blood sugar levels under control, the best tip I ever got was to drink chamomile tea. New research has found that it lowers blood sugar.


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