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Is my friend bulimic? She dissappears after meals and has lost a lot of weight v quicky??

Hello, please could anybody give me any advise? I have a friend who i consider to be my best friend but i am very concerned at the moment. She has lost A LOT of weight in the past few months (well over a stone) and i have started to notice a pattern!! She seems to not eat for a while then really indulge. After she has finished the binge eating she dissappears to the toilet. I have asked her about this as i suspect she is bulimic and she gets very defensive and says she wouldnt be so stupid. She takes a sz 8 clothes now and only weighs 8st so i am very worried. Am i right to suspect bulimia as i have never had experience with this before?

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7 Responses to “Is my friend bulimic? She dissappears after meals and has lost a lot of weight v quicky??”

  1. David K said :

    You should smell her breath or listen when she goes into the toilet to see if she gets sick or not .

  2. bahnikki said :

    i would talk to her about it again, but this time tell her that she doesnt have to lie to u and that ur her best friend, and that u wont judge her any differently or treat her any differently. then she shoulf come clean about the truth

  3. Robert B said :

    no shes annorexic a bulimic wont eat for days then will eat till they are sick get medical help urgent

  4. [email protected] said :

    she needs medical help. and a psychologist to help her figure out why she started this behavior. and to help her gain coping skills so she wont do it again.

  5. amanni w said :

    listen and she if she is throwing up and if she does then tell her and if she says no then start to follow her around so she dosent or just tellher parents or just get a tape recorder and record her thorwing up and let her and her parentes hear

  6. goturanswer said :

    She’s bulimic. You should let her know the dangers of bulimia. Like sudden heart failure. She’s hurting her heart everytime she pukes and is depleting her body of necessary electrolytes and potassium. It’s possible she could go into a coma and never come out. You should print up any info you can get on the subject and leave it for her to find, like in her room somewhere. It’s easy for someone to fall into an unhealthy eating pattern thinking that its safe. She probably doesn’t realize how much she’s hurting her body.

  7. 3690 said :

    yea it’s pretty likely, just tell her that her teeth will rot, should straighten her out


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