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Is it normal and ok to not feel hungry often and be full up quickly?

I am 27 yrs old, slim build and no health complaints or other signs of illness. But for as long as i remember i have not ever been a big eater and can eat v small amounts and feel full and not hungry. Is this healthy or anyway of changing this as i am sat eating lunch now and had a small bowl of cereal for breakfast at 8am, packet of crisps and biscuit at 11am and now a sandwich (half eaten only with a drink) for lunch at 1pm. I feel full but worry i will get slimmer. IS my body telling me the right things and no need for more food. I nver seem to get fatter no matter what i eat.

I weigh 10st 8lbs and am 6ft tall with a BMI of 20.5 and low blood pressure.

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One Response to “Is it normal and ok to not feel hungry often and be full up quickly?”

  1. Jacqueline G said :

    You sound like you have a fast metabolism. Personally I think you are just fine.
    I’m short but am considered underweight by my Dr. and yet in good health. Like you my blood pressure tends to run a little low. My bad cholesterol is so low my Dr. told me he couldn’t remember seeing a level that low (2) and my good cholesteral is a whopping 4.5, that though is genetics.
    I am not a big eater either and like you don’t get hungry all that often. I sometimes eat just because I know I should. I eat healthy as my SO is a diabetic.
    My BMI is 1 point above what my Dr. say he would consider malnutrished and yet all my vitals are fine. I eat until I’m no longer hungry and then stop eating, I hate feeling overfull.
    I eat whatever I like and don’t gain weight either or I’ll gain a few pounds and then loss them though I do not diet. I don’t know I think I prefer being on the light side opposed to the struggles people have trying to lose weight. As long as you are healthy I wouldn’t worry about it.


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