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How to lose weight quickly for my health?

Im 115 lbs and want to lose them and the fats what are the foods i need?

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One Response to “How to lose weight quickly for my health?”

  1. Suzanne said :

    how old r u ?

    i dun believe in those diets they make : at breakfast 3/8 of bread and 4/7 of cornflakes !!! u will need an account and 2 auditors with u !

    i just believe in 3 rules:

    1: STOP-LIST: junk food, sweets, snacks, sauces in food and most important DINNER
    2: CUT-LIST: take 70 to 80 % of what u used to eat usually.
    3: INCREASE-LIST: vegetables (especially lettuce, tomato, grapefruit and cucumber: these are negative calories food. means instead of giving u extra calories, they need calories to be burnt)

    and i forgot to tell u “exercise” but only cardio. don’t do weight lifting and muscle building and etc.. these will improve your muscles but your fat will not be burnt. you can do it but after u reach your goal weight.

    in 3 weeks I lost 12 lbs and i still have 20 pounds to loose 🙂 i can reach in few weeks.

    you can track me if u want 🙂

    hope this will help u


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