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I’m fat, and i feel miserable. How do i loose weight quickly?

I’m an 18 year old girl. I am extremely short 😎 i know! I’m four foot eight
and i weight 123 points.. that’s BMI 26 –> FAT!
I can’t help noticing my belly fat which sticks out! I cant help noticing my thighs or arms… or even neck!
My sister lost weight very quickly, and she wouldn’t tell me how she did it.
I reallee wanna loose this weight. I feel like im missing my entire life!
When i was 13 i was average weigh. And i remember a guy practically bowing around me at a book fair.. i was hot then,.. :'( why not now?
And coz im fat ppl regard me as inferior! why!!?
anyone has any idea to loose weight quickly?

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9 Responses to “I’m fat, and i feel miserable. How do i loose weight quickly?”

  1. Lamborghini said :

    why does it have to be right away? do it the healthy way and excersice and eat right. If your sister lost weight thaaaat fast, maybe she was not eating

  2. Sara Kleinhenn said :

    yeah umm all you have to do is not eat at night and if you want to just go to bed that means that your bored. also just do a 100 sit-ups once per day and you will loose weight

  3. Meaghan B said :

    i wouldnt consider u to be “fat” but i got into shape by playing DDR. try it out. its certainly more interresting than keeping up an exercise routine every day. good luck!

  4. betty b said :

    The best way to safe and effective weight loss is through exercise and eating well. Instead of eating dessert, satisfy your late night sweet craving with an apple or some grapes. And exercise does not have to be a big production, like going to the gym. During commercial breaks, do some sit ups, take your dog for a walk, or ride your bike somewhere close by where you would normally drive. Also, and probably the most effective thing, cut out your soda intake, even if it’s just by 1 soda a day. Replace it with water. You will feel better and the pounds will melt off.
    That was the healthy way to do it…
    If you are looking for something faster, listen to everything above AND try to limit your carbohydrate intake. Basically cut anything white out of your diet. You’ll lose a few pounds within the week.

  5. Tom said :

    Maybe you just haven’t grown taller yet. Some people do not get to this point until their early twenties. However, if you want to lose weight, here’s my advice:

    Eat less, but more frequently. Five nutritious and small meals per day should work. Drink a lot of water. Make sure you get plenty of fiber, and get your dairy from a fat free yogurt with live and active cultures. Stay away from soda, and juice too. Go for a run or fast-walk for at least 30 minutes a day to start. Once you get your energy up, you can exercise for longer.

    Once you get into this rhythm you will feel so good, you won’t want to stop. That’s way better than any crash-diet.

  6. [email protected] said :

    You don’t sound overweight to me! Fast weight loss will not last and when the weight comes back it’s usualy more! Exercise, weight lifting, and balanced diet are the best and most permanent!

    Check out the Biggest Looser on TV for some encouragement. 24 hour fitness has a special with their trainers 5 sessions for $99!

    Learn good lifelong habits now for a balanced weight. Seek professional help on how to improve your body image and self confidence. Most of it comes from within!

  7. maandpas2000 said :

    Take a look at what you are eating. We live in a society of fast food, and it is not healthy. It really helps to write it down, this way you can see what you are eating, and find those things like junk food, that should be limited. You will be surprised at how often people eat junk food a day.

    There is truth in eating more protein…healthy protein. Protein and fiber keep you feeling fuller longer, so there for you eat less. Typically you should be eating no more than 3-4 oz. of protein each meal. and the greener your vegetables are, they better they are for you. and healthy snacks of carrots, sliced green peppers, red peppers, broccoli, etc. with some lite ranch dressing for dipping is good for you. If you begin eating this way you should start seeing the pounds melt away. I would suggest a site called kimkins, it is very strict, and it is not for those who are diabetic. follow this and you will see a difference, make sure that you take a multivitamin and get out and walk, or clean the house. Just move.

    Good luck

  8. Stay@HomeMom said :

    I will give you the perfect answer..but will you take the advise..??
    This is the secret..i promise it will work but you have to do it..ok..?? The reason people are gaining so much is because there is too much sodium in food(salt). Look on the back of anything that you eat and you will see hundreds of milligrams of sodium. If your really serious about losing weight eat only 500mgs of salt a day and not anymore than this if you can help it and drink half your body weight in ounces of water..Fiji is the best if you can afford it..(very expensive), but any bottled water will do…If you do that the pounds will magically melt off. And anytime you start to gain you will know why and stop eating so much salt..ok??

    I am serious and it has worked for everyone who dare to do it even if they dont understand the science behind it..ok? So give it a try and i have alot of other tips that really work but this is the most important… visit my site to learn more..happy losing:) http://www.Flat-Six-Pack-Exercise.Com

  9. healthreallymatter said :

    I know how you really feels, my husband used to be overweight before weighing 168 lbs for a height of 5’4″ after using this kind of product he loose 14 lbs for 2 weeks and he keep loosing.The good things about this product are it is safe and effective no need for your health to suffer,while you were in this program you will also eat unlike other dietary routine.


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