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I’m dieting right but I feel like I’m always hungry?

I’m 13 5’4″ + and 125lbs. I have started dieting, keeping a diary of everything I eat and when I eat it. I am watching calories and healthy foods, and doing cardio and bow flex 6 days a week. I read on the internet from someone who was on biggest loser than you should eat 7 calories per pound a day. So mine came up to 870 cal. a day. I’m only on my second day, but I feel like I’m starving myself. I also feel if I eat like 1200 cal. or whatever a day that that is too much to loose weight quickly. I want to be around 108 in 2 months if I can. For example, for breakfast I eat 1 cup of cereal (healthy kind) which is 120 and 1/4 cup of mily wich adds up to 150 calories. I work out for about 1.5hrs then eat 100 calorie snack. For lunch I eat salad or a soup with no more than 200 cal., or 2 rice cakes with cream chesse or something like that. In a couple hours I eat another 100 cal snack. For dinner at around 6 I eat how ever many calories I have left. Then I don’t eat anything for the rest of the day (I heard you should not eat after 7pm). I eat very slow hoping it will fill me up more. I am never ever satisfied after I eat. I try to think this is worth it for the bikini this summer but I hate always starving….even if I eat things with more calories I don’t think that will help I think its the porportions of everything. I’m hoping my stomach will strink and I won’t be hungry. I think it will strink some but not enough to leave me satisfied. Please help me with what I can do to not feel hungry all the time I hate it!!

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5 Responses to “I’m dieting right but I feel like I’m always hungry?”

  1. Gia said :

    If you feel hungry eat lots of fruit and veggies as a snack. They’re extremely healthy for you and contain HEALTHY calories and sugars that your body needs and burns off quickly. They also help detox your body which is a big help in losing weight.

  2. jumbos_mom said :

    When you feel hungry, drink water. Most of us are dehydrated, and drinking water will make you feel full.

  3. yvette said :

    Maybe what you are missing is the protein. That is what helps keep you feeling full. Try adding a protein bar or shake for your snacks. I also use string cheese to help curb the hungry feeling. If you like yogurt, that is also a healthy source of protein. Sometimes if you eat too many carbs, such as the rice cakes, cereal, and bread it isn’t satisfying for long. Drink lots of water too. That will help curb the appetite temporarily. Do you like tuna? Put that on your salad to make it more filling and healthier. Raw vegetables have almost no calories and can be filling. Good luck.

  4. Lea G said :

    after you eat one of those rice cakes chug a tall glass of water.. it fills you right up.. after you eat any hard food just drink a bunch of water and the food expands in your stomach. you diet sounds great though.. im on a self invented diet.. which is i can only eat when my stomach growls.. but usually i eat whenever i want even if im not hungry so im gonna try this and yea NO EATING AFTER 7! so im just gonna see how it works.. and im on the second day of this.. i could eat one bar of granola and be ful.. i eat the natural oats kind or something but i only at one of the bars and then drank a bunch of water and i was full. yesterday i kept myself from eating until 4:30 and its 1:00 right now and i havent eaten. but i kinda blew it yesterday with the whole dont eat after 7 thing but yea.. im trying really hard. i just have to destract myslef. good luck to you!

  5. marinelli.gianni said :

    The fact that you are in your teen years and have started dieting concerns me. Reading what you have posted also concerns me because you are mixing scientific principles with popular myths and misconceptions that you have found or heard about on the internet.

    Don’t get all caught up in pop culture and all the hype about diets and dieting… I see you going down the wrong path…. 🙁

    You are at a very sensitive stage in your development. There are many changes occurring in your body.

    STOP what you are doing becaue it will only hurt you in the long term. You should be discussing this with your family physician or at the very least a qualified nutritionist.

    All the best !


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