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I’m having problem with my abdomen fat. How to loss it without surgery?

I’m a 16 years old girl. I am kind of healthy. I don’t look so fatty, but my abdomen (lower part of the belly) looks bigger than normal. I wanna loss fat of my abdomen, which is the cause of bad look. Can you suggest me of some tips to make my abdomen look normal without surgery? And I do normal exercises daily.

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3 Responses to “I’m having problem with my abdomen fat. How to loss it without surgery?”

  1. kondar said :

    there is a product on the market that lowers cortisol . cortisol causes belly fat. I cannot recall the name but drug stores have it. also avoid coffee because it increases cortisol.

  2. dP said :

    velocity diet…hard but worth the effort….look it up

  3. Carey J said :

    Surgery and diet pills should be a last resort. maybe it is not as bad as you think!
    Every one has a different body type and gains fat in different places. The best way to lose waight and most of all feel great about your self is a well balanced diet and excercise.
    Look into Denise Austins diet ” Fit Forever” She has a web site and a great book that i use all the time.
    For your tummy fat, try to do more tummy excercises like cruches and leg lifts. You may also twist slightly( righy elbow to left knee) while doing the crunches and sit ups, this will make more of a curve in your mid section by working the muscles on the sides. For your lower abs leg lifts are going to do the most intense work.
    Muscle uses more calories than fat so the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn.
    Most women get a little puffy tummy just before their periods, this is do to water retenion and slight constipation.
    and make sure you are eating plenty of whole grain and drinking 64 oz of water a day, it will help keep your bowl system moveing.
    In the end you have to be happy being you.
    I am a fitness trainer
    Female 5ft 5in weight 170 age 38
    sounds kinda fat huh! most charts say i should weigh 140-150
    for me that is too skinny, i am just resolved that ” I am not a twiggy kinda girl” I have had a lot of life, and three kids.
    I dont look like a model ( I think i have chubby legs) but i like me.


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