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i need tips for getting fit?

i am 13 and i way almost 5 and a half stone and i am very small 1 foot 9 dont takethe piss plz i got it from my grandmother normally i wouldnt care but she died recently so if you take the piss i fell that you take the piss out of my grandma anyway i need tips for getting a flat stomach that i can do in my house
sorry i forgot to say, i am not obiese but i am not under wieght either but i dont have a flat stomach
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS i misheard my dad after he measured me aha ha ha, im 4 foot 9 🙁 sorry

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7 Responses to “i need tips for getting fit?”

  1. Jennifer said :


  2. Genetically Different said :

    You’re not 1 ft 9 mate

  3. brush_your_teeth59 said :

    EXERCISE!!! Maybe some sit ups push ups. Or you can get one of those butt bouncers that are on the commercials. 🙂

  4. guitar addict said :

    omg this is easy,,,, dude. Heres what u do. This sounds dumb but listen….. for one week every morning and night, do five push ups and five sit ups, then the next week do 10 push ups, and 10 sit ups, then the nexy week, 15 of each, then 20 of each, then 25 of each, and ect, simple as that.

  5. cheeriez18 said :


  6. manmason23 said :

    Get the fuck off your computer. god damn. dont you have any sense?

  7. mona lisa said :

    if you was to rest your feet under a chair and do sit ups and do as many as you can and gradually build up how many sit ups you do this will tone up your stomach because you will be doing proper sit ups


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