I have recently joined slimming world and i am looking for some easy take to work lunch ideas?

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9 Responses to “I have recently joined slimming world and i am looking for some easy take to work lunch ideas?”

  1. CLAIRE S said:

    get some fajita wraps, make chicken ceaser salad or coronation chicken and shove then in the wraps, they are gorgeous and fresh and healthy, lots of fruit is a good idea, sultanas anything to nibble that’s good for you, good luck

  2. Apathy said:

    Take some healthy alternatives for lunch, instead of burger and fries, try for a wheat sandwich with all the lean meats and light dressings, and go all out on the veggies. Also for a light snack, after you workout try fruits since the sugar would re energize your muscles. An hour or so after the snack you can go for a meal.

  3. katie kat said:

    fruit and veggies

  4. graham said:

    Salad, easy to prepare and very nice, also some tuna fish with that salad… Or brown bread, its not half as fattening as white bread

  5. carly said:

    a small portion of pasta tuna and sweetcorn, using low fat mayo and brown pasta instead of white.

  6. sarah said:

    Cup of soup, crackers and salad, low fat muesli bars, salad roll, low fat frozen meals, tinned spaghetti, diet yoghurt, fruit salad

  7. blackie said:

    if you have access to a kitchen at work you could take soup ( some weight watchers soups are a B choice so you are not actually using any syns).
    If you are trying to cut out bread for maximum weight loss then use a lettuce leaf and put tuna, onions,cucumber (or what ever filling you chose) on it then roll it up, it works like a wrap but without the extra calories.
    Also if you are on a green day then do a pasta salad to take.
    mix berries in sugar free jelly for a lovely dessert that will take away any sugar cravings that you have,
    Look up the recepie fro tuna pate (free on red) and take some celery cucumber pepper and carrot sticks with you to dip in…very tasty
    Good luck

  8. Leafy Tree said:

    Not sure what plan you are doing i.e. Red/Green/Extra Easy.

    If you are doing Extra Easy:

    Pasta salad with loads of chopped Morrisons Eat Smart sausages (free), chopped boiled egg, and 42g feta cheese (Healthy b) – this is really tasty.

  9. stickyfingeredurchin said:

    Rice salad:

    Cooked long grain rice.
    Red onion

    Just chop all the veg finely and mix together, you could add cubes of cheese or ham or peanuts depending on what you’ve got free.

    Pasta salad.

    Cook pasta shells :

    Fry onion ,garlic and mushrooms in fry light until soft.
    Let that cool then mix with cooled pasta shells and add some sweetcorn, salt and pepper and a squidge of low fat mayo.

    The mayo should be the only sins.

    You could also add ham ,cheese cubes or tuna for a healthy extra.

    The pasta salad will keep longer than the rice as the rice may dry out a little.


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